‘Ted Lasso’ Deservedly Wins Outstanding Comedy Series for Season 2 at the 74th Emmy Awards

Ted Lasso cast at the 74th Emmy Awards
Image via ABC

When the Ted Lasso Season 2 teaser promised that kindness was making a comeback, the sophomore season consistently furnished even while dealing with dark, relatable themes. And as the forty Emmy nominees showcased, everyone involved with the show is more than deserving of multiple accolades. 

As a series, Ted Lasso continues to be a beacon of hope for us all—a story of good and evil and how we react to those things, as Jason Sudeikis noted in the acceptance speech. It’s a reminder of the places we could go and the people we could become if we lead with kindness while finding means to make the world a better place by allowing people to heal from their darknesses. 

Along with the show taking the crown for Outstanding Comedy Series, Jason Sudeikis won the award for Outstanding Lead Actor as the titular character, and Brett Goldstein also became a two-time winner for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his embodiment as the legendary Roy Kent. But that’s not all for Ted Lasso’s wins; director MJ Delaney won the Emmy for her work in “No Weddings and A Funeral“—one of the season’s most prolific episodes.

While we’re all waiting with bated breath for Ted Lasso Season 3 (any announcement would do, at this point), fans and journalists everywhere persist in asking Sudeikis if the third season will mark the end. And here’s the thing, anyone who knows me personally knows that I’ll always prefer quality over quantity. At the same time, I’d write about this show even if they went up to season twenty-three or something of that sort because that’s how much I adore it. However, there’s nothing I want more than a story that continues to make sense as brilliantly as the second season does. 

Ted Lasso continues to be a winner because the series came to us when we needed it the most and paved the road for heartwarming narratives amid perilous times. No person’s life is invariably full of rainbows and sunshine, but we need light in the midst of that pain to know that we can overcome it. And though the second season took viewers through a metaphorical dark forest, it concurrently made us feel less alone in our heartaches. It gave us the hope to see that just as these characters will make it out of the forest, so will we in our own lives. 

And while the end might be near once the third season premieres, it’s only the beginning of its legacy. The tremendous heart this show will undoubtedly leave behind will ensure that warmth and vulnerability never leave our screens, making the world of comedy a better place with more inclusive narratives that reflect the better part of the world.


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