‘Trying’ Season 3 is Exactly What the World Needs Right Now

Nikki Newman and Jason Ross with Princess and Tyler in Trying Season 3
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Despite much of the progress made daily in the world, we’re still stuck in what feels like a tireless state of reverse. It’s a sad, cruel world out there, and more often than not, things don’t make as much sense as they should. It’s why we need wholesome television, now more than ever, and perhaps why we’ll continue to need it. In the summer, and early autumn of 2022, Apple TV’s Trying Season 3 is the balm that can heal.

When the series first premiered, it was evident that all the trying, pun intended, would lead to success someday, but seeing it all come to pass in a nearly perfect season is incredible. It’s official; after all the hurdles and heartaches, Nikki and Jason get to keep both Princess and Tyler in an emotional moment after a hasty wedding right before. The only thing standing in the way of the season not actually being perfect is the absence of Imelda Staunton’s Penny, understandably as the actress was filming Netflix’s The Crown at the time, and the lack of closure for Ophelia Lovibond’s Erica. 

Trying Season 3: The Romance and The Family

Nikki and Jason in Trying Season 3
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Apple TV’s Trying is, first and foremost, a love story. It’s a love story that centers around two people who’d do anything for each other and two people who’d now give the world to the kids who found them amid their journey. Jason’s desire to surprise Nikki with the investment doesn’t end well, but his desire to protect her and make sure tasks are more manageable for her is the most accurate form of a great partner. There’s no doubt that their journey ends happily ever after despite all the challenges that’ll continue to arise.

Thereby, the two of them deciding to hold off on the wedding after last season’s engagement, only to change their minds and involve the kids in their union in case they lose them is everything. Princess and Tyler chose Nikki and Jason. They chose to be a part of a family with imperfect people with whom they’d always be safe, whether they realize it or not, and that’s the beauty that Trying Season 3 tirelessly exposes. 

At every turn, their challenges this year make them exponentially better as a couple but, more importantly, allow for more wholesome television to grace our screens. It’s imperative to note that while such series don’t get distinctions, they’re part of a prominent circle that validates how desperately people want to see good things on their television screens. Someone somewhere is going to watch Trying Season 3 and believe in the fact that maybe, hopefully, this could be the outcome of their journey too. Or, if nothing else, it allows viewers to feel great afterward. 


We discussed it then, but the season premiere “Home” beautifully preludes where the series will go, showcasing that where there’s family, whether biological or chosen, that cares deeply, there’s victory in the end. We are often a direct result of the people who love and uplift us, finding us right when we need them most. And the season finale, “The End of the Beginning,” does this with meticulous care as it allows us to see how far each character has come, especially in their relationships.


Freddy’s Road to Redemption

Oliver Chris in Trying Season 3 now streaming on Apple TV+
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One of the stand-out elements in Trying Season 3 outside of Nikki and Jason’s life as new parents is Freddy’s redemption arc. Cheating is never something to condone, but every once in a while, a TV show will handle it well enough (see here, Zoe Hart and Wade Kinsella from Hart of Dixie). While we don’t and might never see Freddy and Erica reunite, it’s satisfying to know that not only does he want to do better, but his selfishness is on full display to showcase a type of narcissism that many don’t own up to.

By the end of the season, it’s apparent that the Freddy we now know isn’t the one we were introduced to. He’s trying to do better, and, more importantly, he owns up to his mistakes and all the selfish parts of his character that pushed people away. Whether we see how a new and approved Freddy can become a better father, allowing us to see with his final act that he’s well on that road. By buying the apartments and allowing Jason and Nikki to stay there, he’s showing with actions that he’s ready to take on more responsibilities as an adult who’s no longer just living for himself but for all those around him. Thus, bringing his story along with one of the general conflicts in the season to a close this way results in an achingly sweet ending.

Growing Families, Changes, and More

Trying Season 3 Episode 1 still
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Trying Season 3 also brings Karen and Scott’s story to an interesting place with an unexpected pregnancy that changes the course of their lives. While both are shocked by the outcome, Karen’s realization that it’s something she wants brings agency front and center, allowing her to showcase her desires in a way that we haven’t seen from the character before. Scott is still pretty much…well, Scott, but should the series be renewed, it’ll be interesting to see where the character goes amidst these changes.

There’s also the matter of Princess and Tyler’s grandmother stepping into the picture to object initially, only to then have Nikki bring her into the family, expanding it far more than either of them thought possible. It results in the kind of wholesome ending that brings kindness centerfold. We also get to watch Jen and Nikki’s friendship grow stronger despite Nikki having to fire her, for it leads her to follow her dreams plus a riveting new relationship.

In the end, the best kind of beginning is on our screens, giving us a season that will undoubtedly be a comforting watch for many. When all else fails, Trying Season 3 will remind viewers that it should work out in the end.

Trying Season 3 is now streaming on Apple TV+


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