Music Monday: ‘Heartstopper’ (Original Soundtrack) by Adiescar Chase

Heartstopper original soundtrack by Adiescar Chase cover
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As delightful as the series, Adiescar Chase’s Heartstopper original soundtrack is a joyous ride in every way. Comprised of 25 short tracks, it’s what I wish I had in high school to make my daily walks from one class to another a little less boring. Each song has something whimsical and hopeful, starting from “First Sight” to “Encore.” 

In order to match the series’ daze and the hopeful angst the plot plays with by progressing Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring’s romance, the soundtrack needed to reach playfulness while simultaneously tugging on the heartstrings. Chase does this through all the tracks, but there’s something utterly heartwarming about “Falling Leaves” and “Kiss.” In contrast, one does a tremendous amount for the overarching theme of new beginnings, and the other kicks everything into motion beautifully with a number that’s bound to resonate with us all.

And then there’s “Embrace,” which is not only one of the best elements the series dives into by making hugs a comforting showcase throughout but the Heartstopper original soundtrack, including a track such as this, touches on the importance of the act with a stunning melody. We also have to mention the actual “Heartstopper” theme and the world of possibilities strung into every beat with the kind of warmth that’s completely indescribable. This moment is where the soundtrack allows listeners to dive into a world that’s on their side, playing with tunes that feel like the best kind of gratifying presence.

There’s not a single beat throughout the soundtrack that listeners will want to skip, as each track is the right kind of melody for everyday listening. While some soundtracks require being in a specific mood, that’s not the case for Heartstopper’s. 

Listen to the Heartstopper original soundtrack below and let us know which tracks are your favorites in the comments.

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