Loot “The Silver Moon Summit” Review: Self Awareness and Friendships

Loot “The Silver Moon Summit” Spoilers Ahead

Maya Rudolph in Loot "The Silver Moon Summit" now streaming on Apple TV+.
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Apple TV’s latest workplace comedy, Lootconcludes its first season with the kind of episode that intricately sets up what’s to come and establishes its stance on several factors. This is a show about human complexities, growth, self-awareness, friendships, and the power of teamwork. 

And while the cliffhanger ending implies a step backward for our heroine, Molly Novak, the episode’s third act clarifies that writers know where they want to take this show. Billionaires shouldn’t exist. We’ve all been screaming about this notion for a while, and to see a TV show acknowledge how very little they contribute to the world’s greater good is an excellent arc to jumpstart.

Primarily inspired by her coworkers, Molly is genuinely trying to make a difference at this point, and that’s ultimately all we can ask for in a season finale. Thus, the friendship fortified with Sofia Salinas stands out as the first season’s highlight, taking center stage in Loot’s “The Silver Moon Summit” despite Molly’s life-changing speech about giving all her money away. And yes, this show’s premise is unique, but from the very first episode, this friendship’s potential stood out beyond anything else. 

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez in “Loot,” now streaming on Apple TV+ Season 1 finale "The Silver Moon Summit"
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To succeed in making the world a better place, Molly needs someone like Sofia close by her side not only to see her best but to remember it when the worst comes forward. And Sofia not only sees this today, but she’s the kind of person who’s sincerely in the non-profit sector to do right by the world. Rodriguez and Rudolph were spectacular in the final exchange as both actors make it clear that they care about these roles and doing right by these characters. There are going to be many ups and downs in this show, with this friendship in particular, but at the end of the day, nothing is more apparent than the fact that their bond is going to be a strength in this show.

Bombshells after another, from Molly sleeping with John to Arthur’s confession, Loot’s Season 1 finale leaves everything on the table. How often will Molly go back to John before she realizes that he’s been weighing her down? How many seasons will it take for Arthur and Molly to see that they’re right for each other? Will giving away all her money actually make an impact? As much as this is a fictional world, how closely will the series lean into creating something that feels real instead of fabricated? 

Still, to achieve a relatively steady amount of character growth in the first season for a character like Molly is no small feat. The self-awareness that she now dons despite the mistakes she makes (and will continue to) generates riveting storytelling that allows this finale to feel hopeful yet realistic. Loot has immense potential as a series, and this finale is proof that if it continues to tell a distinct story through complex characters, it’ll achieve something fantastic. It’s especially promising considering how well the entire cast can switch from comedy to heartfelt exchanges, making the whole series that much better as a result.

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