Music Monday: ‘Miss Scarlet and The Duke’ (Original Soundtrack) by Tómas Daniels

Miss Scarlet and The Duke original soundtrack
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Haunting, fun, and exhilarating, Tómas Daniels‘ work in Miss Scarlet and The Duke’s original soundtrack sounds like a sprawling epic. The show’s opening theme initially caught our attention with its newer sounds intermingling perfectly with haunting Victorian melodies, and we haven’t looked back since.

While there’s something ominous in most tracks, given the series’ premise, Daniels manages to make them easy to listen to as opposed to outright scary. You can’t always listen to such tracks on repeat the way we can with other period drama scores, but there’s still something about them that work, especially if you’re tackling a review or a feature based on the show. (And yes, that means we have it on while we write about it.)

Now, the opening title aside, which I’m personally obsessed with, let’s talk about the beautiful escapism that “Dinner” evokes, sending us through the same inspiring adventure a film like Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris does. It’s a significantly different track than what we have in the rest of the album, but the wondrous beats within make it stand out beyond its tonal shift. 

There’s also incredibly moving about “Thank You,” “Get Back to Work,” “Have Dinner With Me,” which all differ from one another, but work in blending a bit of blues with the more animated melodies. Still, we can’t conclude this without geeking out over the opening credits that remind us of the same brilliance that is Marvel’s The Punisher. The kind of track that’s indescribable in every way, but something you feel like an incredible gut punch every time. The same can be said for the end-credits, which are similar to a degree but slowed down with delicately tantalizing beats.

Listen to the Miss Scarlet and The Duke original soundtrack below and let us know which tracks are your favorites in the comments.


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