Farrah Rochon’s ‘The Hookup Plan’ Brings The Boyfriend Project to a Sizzling Conclusion

Farrah Rochon's The Hookup Plan cover, final book in The Boyfriend Project series
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And just like that, Farrah Rochon’s The Hookup Plan brings The Boyfriend Project to an end. Our admiration for this series has never been a secret and to know that Rochon has got a satisfying conclusion to it is a treat we’ll always be thankful for. Remember when we kept saying we need this series to be adapted onto our screens somehow? We still mean it—every word. And now that it’s finished, someone should hurry to pick it up.

Farrah Rochon’s The Hookup Plan follows London Kelley and her high school nemesis, Drew Sullivan, in a friends rivals with benefits situation that leads to the kind of romance that’s utterly satisfying and, most importantly, believable.

As a hypochondriac, I was a bit reluctant to get into this series, but Rochon’s inclusion is essential and worth reading up on. The events at the County hospital never get too dark, and neither do their lives outside of the workspace. Instead, most of London and Drew’s relationship is hot—really, really hot. And if it weren’t for the spicy moments, it’d be Drew Sullivan being head over heels in love right off the bat.

What’s hotter than a man who falls first? A man who falls hard for a woman who’s so used to giving. Farrah Rochon’s The Hookup Plan and, ultimately, The Boyfriend Project as a whole is about women who finally get what they deserve in all areas of their life. These stories are about career-driven, deeply flawed, and achingly relatable heroines who find comfort and solace through friendship and love.

London and Drew are entertaining to no end. Their banter is fantastic, and somewhere along the way, it’s entirely effortless and organic when the casual hookups turn into something more meaningful. But the best thing this book does is how it surprisingly doesn’t play with conflict after they begin going “steady.” I kept waiting for the climax to hit us with some sort of accidental betrayal, but Rochon subverts expectations best by allowing the love story to be a constant after the initial hurdles are overcome. When London finally opens her heart to love and realizes that she can trust Drew, he continues to prove to her that she was right in taking the leap with him.

There is also much to be said about how the familial relationships bleed into the romantic arc and how they eventually allow both characters to grow for the better. The concept of London’s mom and stepmom (father’s current wife) being best friends was a refreshing twist.

Rochon is an exceptional writer for a myriad of reasons, but her most influential strength is writing about authentic and inspiring women. It’s always gratifying to see women be genuine friends, and that’s primarily why this book series is so appealing—the platonic relationships are just as meaningful as the love stories.

London and Drew are sizzling as a couple, but they’re warm and gentle, too. The Hookup Plan is all about the little things like how takeout Chinese food delivered to her office and cupcake frosting kisses could make anyone’s heart flutter. It’s the story of two people seeing each other for who they truly are and accepting every part of their stubborn edges alongside the heart they wear on their sleeves. Whether it’s London’s love for her patients or Drew’s determination to be the kind of millionaire who uses his income for good, they’re the kind of perfect match that makes for an exquisite romance novel.

Rochon’s writing style is one of my all-time favorites now in the romance genre, and as I’ve always said, each book will make you want more. It’s impossible to get enough of this series, and that’s the mark of a gifted writer whose stories are undeniably riveting.

Farrah Rochon’s The Hookup Plan is now available for purchase.

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