Music Monday: ‘Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris’ (Original Soundtrack) by Rael Jones

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris original soundtrack by Rael Jones cover
©Focus Features LLC

There’s a plethora that goes into making a film a dazzling delight, yet with all boxes checked, if the original soundtrack isn’t up to par, it misses the mark. Thankfully, that’s not the case for Focus Features’ Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris—a brilliant film from start to finish with an upbeat, lovely original soundtrack in its corner. Rael Jones‘ work in Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris’ original soundtrack should be blasted through every speaker for the rest of the summer.

Comprised of 28 tracks spanning about 55 minutes, Jones plays with 50’s jazz beautifully while intermingling with ballads bound to stick close to the heart. The titular character’s theme, “Mrs. Harris,” is an excellent opener, setting the stage with the same kind of comfort Lesley Manville brings to our screens. As the music continues, it sets the stage for London in the 50s while seamlessly blending towards Parisian culture and numbers.

Then there are tracks like “Footloose and Fancy Free,” the dazzling mystery that is “Chasing Natasha,” “Making Moonlight,” “Lovely, But Not Real,” “Say Something, Love,” “The Dreams Fade,” and “From All Your Friends”—basically, all of them. There’s no skipping here. The soundtrack is a great escape that brings forth comforting escapism while simultaneously inspiring the best to come forward.

It’s the kind of soundtrack that you’ll find yourself engaged in the story it’s telling if you happen to stumble upon it accidentally. It’ll take you to a place that’s alive and brimming with endless possibilities about all the dreams you want to see come to pass. Jones creates something incredibly transportive with this soundtrack, making every beat a stunning jolt of joy. If we add lyrics to each of these compositions, we have the next hit Broadway Musical!

Listen to Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris’ original soundtrack below and let us know which tracks are your favorite.


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