Trying’s “Home” is the Best Kind of Season Premiere

Trying “Home” Spoilers Ahead

Rafe Spall and Esther Smith in Trying's "Home" Season 3, Episode 1
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Apple TV’s delightful series returns with the kind of episode that hits us all right where we need it most. Trying’s “Home” is the best kind of season premiere, blasting us with the hope we could all use as we trek toward the third summer during the pandemic. Still, even if that weren’t the case, shows like Trying achieve something inexplicable. They heal right where we need them to, and, whether they try to or not, they fill us with the type of hope we’ll never get tired of feeling. 

And in its third season, Trying is still going strong with the kind of premiere episode that’s only a mark of the joyous beginning. Where there’s love, incredible things can happen, and for Nikki and Jason, those great things are well on their way.

The reason shows like Trying do so well consecutively for three seasons is because they aren’t attempting to feed into television drama. Sure, they could’ve gone down a route where Tyler was taken from them immediately, leading them to fight for him all season, but instead, heart matters, and the truth is, social workers occasionally have that change of heart. They know when to give people a chance even though their jobs are challenging. That’s why  Trying’s “Home” works as a premiere episode because it presents a realistic struggle while maintaining its comforting disposition

The show’s wholesome appeal comes from the detail that when all else fails, much like Ted Lasso, people show up for one another. And this episode proves that Nikki and Jason will be perfectly fine as parents because everyone around them is not only willing to help them out but, more importantly, they believe in their capabilities. Their love has been an emblem for all those around them, which essentially equates to the kind of hope that’s hard to find anywhere else. The road will be far from easy, and Trying’s “Home” doesn’t shy away from confirming that, but it will be worth it in the end.

In every way where it matters, this show is a romance. And in this genre, a happy ending is guaranteed. While I’ll never speak with full conviction about something that isn’t over yet, there’s hope in this show that deserves our trust. For three seasons now, they’ve given us sunshine and rain dancing for control, while a rainbow always appears somewhere in the middle.

Nikki and Jason are front and center in Season 3 in a way they’ve never been before, while everyone around them contributes to the story with equal screen time. It’s gratifying, to say the least, and there’s a lot many of us will want to talk about as the season progresses. Still, starting the season with this much hope already tells us that we’re in for something bigger and better. You don’t end an episode with this much hope bursting through every character only to go downhill. And that isn’t to say that there won’t be great challenges, but overcoming them will be made simpler because that’s what happens when people commit to something with all their might.

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