Music Monday: ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2 Original Soundtrack by Marcus Mumford and Tom Howe

Ted Lasso Season 2 Original Soundtrack
©Warner Bros. Studios

What’s the best way to cope with a show’s hiatus after you’re done with yet another rewatch? Listening to the soundtrack on replay, of course. Ted Lasso’s Season 2 original soundtrack by Marcus Mumford and Tom Howe is just as special as the series, likely able to transport listeners back to the scenes capable of tirelessly tugging on our heartstrings.

If you’re thinking about Danny’s game-winning final goal or the gut-wrenching moment where Ted and Rebecca’s stories collide in 1991, the original soundtrack will immediately transport you back there, perhaps even more than ever before when you pick up on it. Or maybe you’re still stuck on Jeff Tweedy’s slowed-down version of the show’s theme, and if so, you’re in for something remarkable because it’s just the kind of song to put into a road trip playlist.

We all connect with music differently, and that’s precisely the case for instrumentals without lyrics. Where they take us and how they resonate emotionally depends on our connection with instruments and what we’re dealing with mentally. Part of the reason I’ve personally been a fan of Mumford’s music all these years isn’t merely because of the incredible lyrics in the songs, but the melodies—the beats that take us to the places where healing occurs even while we don’t exactly realize what’s happening.

And much like the series, the soundtrack is transportive in its means of allowing us to find comfort on the edges of defining moments and quiet reflections. It’s slow and brisk simultaneously at times, and where it leaves us dangling, it’s ready to hold us through with areas to fall that are soft and soothing.

Listen to the Ted Lasso Season 2 original soundtrack below and tell us which tracks are your favorites.


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