Music Monday: “Obi-Wan” Theme by John Williams

"Obi-Wan" theme by John Williams cover courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.
©2022 Lucasfilm Ltd.

When it comes to music composed by the legendary John Williams, words will never properly do justice. That’s especially the case for those of us for whom Star Wars has always been a comforting adventure and for the characters we adore most. And now that Disney Plus has released Obi-Wan Kenobi, the series, audiences finally have the chance to experience the “Obi-Wan” theme by John Williams — something we weren’t fortunate enough to bear witness to during the prequel era.

It doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing because years later, various themes throughout Williams’ journey with a galaxy far, far away still get to me on the spot. If you see someone walking down Galaxy’s Edge with tears in her eyes while “Han and Leia” is playing on the loudspeakers, you’re probably looking at me. And now, if the “Obi-Wan” theme enters the circulation, I’ll be the one sitting in a corner actually sobbing my eyes out.

It’s not only well worth the wait, but it’s a masterpiece for which I could never find the perfect words. It’s slow and quick, simultaneously and moving in ways that match the character’s heart and spirit so brilliantly that it’s utterly overwhelming. Williams first introduced the “Obi-Wan” theme during a live performance at Star Wars Celebration 2022, and now with the show’s official release, it exudes magic with every note while we all replay it.

For a character who’s been a prominent anchor in the story since the original trilogy was introduced, it was always necessary for his theme to reflect the journey towards a hopeful homecoming. Obi-Wan is at the heart of multiple character journeys and to have his theme reflect his journey beautifully encompasses what he’s been through and how hard he’s fought. It’s unmistakable why he’s such a pivotal character from every note, high and low — the theme is a masterpiece.

Listen to the “Obi-Wan” theme below and come cry with us in the comments.


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