Relationship Deep Dive: The People of Bluebell

The people of Bluebell in Hart of Dixie's final episode. Zoe Hart, Wade Kinsella, Lemon Breeland, Annabeth Nass, George Tucker, and more
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Type: Platonic
Show: The CW’s Hart of Dixie
Featured Characters: Zoe Hart, Lavon Hayes, Wade Kinsella, George Tucker, Lemon Breeland, Annabeth Nass, and co.

The world will always need shows like The CW’s Hart of Dixie, and the people of Bluebell to find comfort in. When all is said and done, a little drama never hurts anybody, and that’s especially the case if the drama leads to lasting friendships and an utterly ridiculous series finale.

Hart of Dixie is full of much to enjoy when you get past some of the nonsense, and to a degree, it’s necessary to acknowledge that even the town of Bluebell is a character. The friendships on this show are both the most farcical and simultaneously, the most wholesome. It doesn’t always work this way on TV, but with this little gem of a show, even though you know it’s fiction, it surprisingly doesn’t feel fabricated. It keeps you coming back for more because the road to cementing stronger bonds was never an easy one but every time these characters shared screen time, it was a gem to witness.

Zoe Hart and Lavon Hayes

The first of the many great friendships in the series is between Lavon Hayes and Zoe Hart. It’s actually unbeatable, but sometimes, Wade Kinsella can join the duo, too. People didn’t exactly welcome New York City girl Zoe Hart with open arms the way Lavon did, and from that very first episode, he was the best confidant (and the best supplier of breakfast) a girl could have. Lavon stood by Zoe from the start, accepting her as she was and helping her evolve into the person she later became.

Throughout the entire series, there was never a moment where Zoe and Lavon weren’t there for each other. She was his wing(woman), and he was her wingman. No matter what happened, even if they disagreed, they were consistently on each other’s teams. (Also, let’s talk about that ridiculously hilarious and sweet moment where Zoe and Wade realize they don’t want to move out because they’d miss Lavon too much. We all cried alongside them, right?)

This friendship was invariably amongst equals, in the same way that Lavon was always right beside Zoe when dealing with a broken heart, it was effortless for him to find comfort with her. He never once had to hide his feelings from her, and she never had to hide hers. They could crash each other’s dates, and even when they’d overstep, it wouldn’t shatter them beyond repair because of the companionship they had with each other.

Zoe Hart and Rose Hattenbarger

Next up in Hart of Dixie’s lineup is everything with Zoe and Rose—a friendship that also began from day one and evolved gorgeously throughout. Zoe could guide and help Rose in all her endeavors, and in countless ways, despite age differences, Rose would teach Zoe a lot more than she ever imagined possible. Much like Lavon, Rose was also one of the people who showed Zoe kindness from the moment she arrived, and that kindness resulted in a bond neither of them knew they needed. Since they’re both only children, finding a sister in the other resulted in the best kind of gift.

And, if nothing else, it was always lovely to see that the friendship didn’t falter despite their age difference. Something about it always felt authentic instead.

Lemon Breeland and Wade Kinsella

Another excellent male/female friendship is between Lemon Breeland and Wade Kinsella. Lemon and Wade grew up together, and as a result, they got to know one another on incredibly profound levels. Still, they never established a closeness until Season 3, and their friendship is inarguably the best part of the season. For a series with a lot of romantic relationships, Hart of Dixie also understood the importance of opposite-sex friendships without an ounce of sexual tension.

Sometimes, without even realizing it, the person we’ve known for the longest time could become someone that’ll make a perpetual difference in our lives later on. That’s what happens with Lemon and Wade—she was more than his best friend’s former fiancé during later seasons; she was one of his best friends. Their belief in one another led to calling each other out on their faults, rooting for one another, and tirelessly proving that they want nothing but the best for each other.

Zoe, Lemon, and Annabeth

Finally, though Lemon and Zoe never evolve into best friends, they grow to care for each other. It’s always in the little things with shows like this, and though the women initially hate one another, you know that they’d find common ground somewhere down the road. At some point, they’d find a way to get over their differences and help one another through whatever’s necessary.

Annabeth and Lemon were always best friends, and though the women went through their fair share of boy problems, they never let too long pass before they made up. (I’ll always wonder what a gift this show could’ve been if it didn’t cater to stereotypical love triangles involving best friends.) In many ways, Annabeth made Lemon wonderful, kinder, and friendlier. It’s even easy to argue that she’s her person a bit more than Lavon.

In a small town like Bluebell, putting aside former issues is a necessity, especially when those issues are petty in the first place. Though they’d never admit it, both women learn an abundance from each other. And hence, the women showing up for Zoe when they know that she’s pregnant is the ultimate proof that they’ll show up for one another when need be despite their previous quarrels. It’s proof that though they’d never label their friendship as one, they’d never let anyone deal with any sort of hardship alone.


Special Moments

The truth about Hart of Dixie is that there are too many incredible dynamics and fantastic scenes worthy of discussing to get to the root of these friendships. And so, the only way to do so is to look at some of the scenes where the show authenticates that the town of Bluebell is the place to be because the people in it were at their best because of the friendships.

Zoe Visits Harley’s Grave

In every sense, Harley Wilkes is responsible for everything that happens on Hart of Dixie. While Zoe never got to know her birth father for who he was, she understood him through the town of Bluebell and everyone who came into her life. She got to know him as the man the entire town adored—the man who never once gave up on her. There’s immense beauty in the detail that he brought her home. Thus, Zoe visiting his grave to thank him for everything he’s done resulted in one of the most profound moments throughout the show’s run. Zoe’s gratitude is the ultimate illumination of the growth she experiences in Bluebell alongside the people who knew him best.

Lemon gives Zoe a gift from Harley

After Zoe and Wade realize that they have no valuable family heirloom to give their child, and their search to find one fails, Lemon steps in. This was a moment I should have expected but never did, and thus, it made the scene that much more rewarding. To this day, I’m pretty sure no Hart of Dixie scene has made me cry harder. 

The audience learns that when she was a little girl, Harley gave her a wooden toy duck, which she kept with her until this very moment when she decided Zoe would need it more. Choosing to provide Zoe with the toy was the decisive showcase of growth on Lemon’s part—a gift for both her friends in a way that might very well be one of her best means of meddling ever. Understanding how valuable a parent’s time with a child is, In more ways than one, Lemon passing down the toy is the symbolic promise that neither Zoe, Wade, nor their unborn child would ever be alone through this. Lemon will be here, and this way, a physical piece of Harley’s fatherly devotion can be with them as well.

Zoe and Wade have T.B.D Kinsella

Only in a fictional town like Bluebell will a hospital room be filled with more than a dozen people eagerly awaiting the arrival of a child. You expected maybe one or two there, sure, but no one would’ve ever imagined more than half the town. (It’s still hard to believe that this show sometimes ended in a musical number, but that’s a beast to cover in and of itself.) Still, during moments like this, the series beautifully revealed that these people care for one another in ways no one else would. And one couple’s happy moment is everyone’s happy moment—the kind of moment that wouldn’t work anywhere else.

Brick officially makes Zoe a partner 

It will never not be hilarious how a hormonal Zoe believed that Brick would replace her, but the only reason he hired an associate was because he wanted to name her as a partner officially. Choosing to call their practice Breeland and Hart was not only one of the kindest things he’d done, but it was a showcase of his growth, too. To top the moment off with an even more wonderful moment, Brick then reassures Zoe that her father would be proud of how far she has come. She might not have family left, but this gesture promises her that she has him by her side.

Breakfast at Lavon’s 

Breakfast at Lavon’s was a constant, and he should most definitely open up his own restaurant…in the real world. I’d attend. But perhaps one of the best occasions in is after Lemon officially became Lavon’s girlfriend and Zoe’s hormones took over. It was hilariously heartwarming how sad Zoe was that she wouldn’t be able to have breakfast with them every morning, but the muffin fight was the cherry on top of the glorious sundae.

Zoe running away after stealing Lemon’s cupcake was a marvelous display of the fact that these women will no longer get into real fights anymore, but rather, ridiculous ones like this. And it’s beautiful proof of the fact that no matter how much changes, Lavon’s house will continue be open for breakfast.

Lemon tries to set up Annabeth and George

Surprisingly, though the two believe she has lousy intentions at first, this is the first time where Lemon truly does something selflessly. After watching George and Annabeth bond, she realizes that the two would be great together, and you know what, she’s not wrong. While the women essentially go back and forth with who they have feelings for, the result of Lemon’s schemes finally ends with two people realizing they can be amazing together. I loved the idea of George and Annabeth together, and the only downside of this happening so late in Season 4 is that we don’t get to see much of them as a couple. 

Bluebell folks help Tom and Wanda while they’re on maternity leave.

Although they failed epically, it was still lovely to see everyone come together to help Tom and Wanda with their duties as they took care of baby Frodo. It’s moments like this that remarkably illuminate that people in this town will always choose to help each other, even if they have other things to do or think their assigned task is ridiculous. Small towns coming together like this is everything a series needs and more to make viewers feel like they’re home too. 

George announces he’s leaving Bluebell

Although this is one of the most heartbreaking moments in the series, a few words make it crucial to the crux of the series. Though everyone believes the world of Bluebell is about to change forever due to the prophetic nightmare Annabeth has, the reality is that a crater of sorts is then left in all their hearts when George Tucker finally decides it’s time to move. Because the entire town and likely audience members are so affected by George’s departure, it’s further evidence that each character’s place in this group is unique. 

There are far too many incredible scenes in Hart of Dixie history that showcase the greatness of Bluebell’s people like Shelby choosing to give the talent show money to Lemon, Zoe and Wade letting their proposal go to Lavon, Rose moving away because of Zoe’s positive impact on her, Planksgiving, partnerships, silly bribes, mishaps, advice, and all sorts of crazy small-town shenanigans. If we were to discuss each and everyone, we’d be here for hours. 

Hart of Dixie is as perfectly silly as it gets, and that’s why it’s the kind of show that deserves a yearly watch. There’s much to love featuring too many ridiculously marvelous little moments and too many fantastic relationships. But it all comes down to a small town and the lengths the people in it are willing to go for each other. 


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