‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Trailer Teases the Romance We’re Hoping For

Thor: Love and Thunder trailer key art
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The official Thor: Love and Thunder trailer is here, and it’s a joyride through and through despite Christian Bale’s (already) terrifying portrayal of Gorr the God Butcher. However, our immediate focus lies once more in Thor and Jane’s relationship and the teasing details that tell us the God of thunder has yet to let go of his first love.

The word love is quite literally in the title, and since Taika Waititi is obviously a romance stan considering the excellence we watched unfold in Our Flag Means Death, there’s a high chance that Thor: Love and Thunder could give us the happy ending we’re hoping for. Thor loses too much after Loki’s tragic death in Infinity War, and despite the friends he makes, even a God as powerful deserves a companion equally, if not more, incredible than he is.

Jane as Lady Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder trailer
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But before we look into how the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer puts romance front and center, we need to take a few moments to scream about the powerhouse that Jane Foster will be in this film. As the titular character, it’s no surprise that Chris Hemsworth generally has most of the screen time, but there’s no denying that even he would be perfectly fine with Natalie Portman taking the crown, or in this case, Mjollnir and running with it — aiming high and low towards whoever dares to cross her path.

Jane Foster’s story is one that should’ve been explored throughout the first three films, but considering she was underused, here’s to hoping Waititi develops her story further. Jane Foster is already a genius, and now that she has superpowers as well? Who would dare to step in her way? I wouldn’t. I’d bow.

Thor and Jane in Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer
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But, as the romance geek who’s also a massive sap, there’s nothing I love more than the second chance trope, which Thor and Jane’s love story is perfect for. Plus, when the man is as far gone as Thor evidently is in the trailer? Sign us up. It makes zero sense for the word love to literally be in the title if the film doesn’t plan to deliver the romance. And maybe we’re wrong. Perhaps we’ll be surprised when it comes to which characters the love story will be between.

But the fact remains, the fourth Thor film and Waiti’s second in the franchise should be a romance. It’s what the characters deserve after everything they fought through, and it’s what we deserve as viewers as well.

Watch the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer below and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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