Music Monday: “This Love” (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift

album art of "This Love" (Taylor's Version)
©2022 Taylor Swift

It was great in 1989, but “This Love” (Taylor’s Version) is magic. In the same way that songs like “Begin Again” from Red hit different now, the same can be said for all that she’ll release, especially for those of us for whom 1989 is their favorite album. 

Lyrically the song was always going to be one of Swift’s strongest releases, but considering the track wasn’t in my top three from the album, “This Love” (Taylor’s Version) hits like a ton of bricks. This rendition allows the heart of the lyrics to exude every emotion with stunning reverence. The slower melody allows the song’s story to feel much more intimate and relatable where its original version gets there, perhaps if it’s your favorite.

In the same way that “Wildest Dreams” (Taylor’s Version) is significantly better than the original, it’s not the least surprising that this hits with the same intensity. (Except again, it’s more surprising for this writer.) As an artist, Taylor Swift’s lyrics accomplish most depending on the melody it is combined with, thus making this version feel like the kind of love song you want to see every single fan video dedicated to. Where Lover or even Red and Speak Now are the albums from which there is most use, this version of the song fits seamlessly in their echelons. 

As the album that does not get nearly enough praise as it should, the second 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is released, it’s going to be game over for all other love songs. Bits of it are already here, and we’re ready for the rest of it.

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Listen to “This Love” (Taylor’s Version) here and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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