Lady Geeks’ Society Podcast | Episode XXI: “The Viscount Who Loved Me” Review

In this week’s episode of Lady Geeks’ Society Podcast, we’re discussing all things Bridgerton Season 2, Episode 8, “The Viscount Who Loved Me.” As the best episode of the season, there’s a lot to discuss with this one. Kate Sharma makes a full recovery and Anthony Bridgerton finally proposes to the right woman, leading to the happy ending we’ve been waiting to see. Lady Whistledown is revealed and best friends are torn apart. Family moments shatter our hearts then put us back together again. And, we’ve got updates about Bridgerton Season 3.

This episode is not spoiler-free. If you want more written analysis, we’ve got you covered full episode review of “The Viscount Who Loved Me” too.

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