Music Monday: ‘La La Land’ (Original Score) by Justin Hurwitz

La La Land original score album cover
©2016 Interscope Records

While the film might divide critics and fans alike, there is no denying that the La La Land original score by Justin Hurwitz is something special. It’s an easy escape towards a world that doesn’t feel as daunting the way Los Angeles tends to be. (I can say this. I was born and raised here.) Somehow, the original score’s strength has always been its ability to add magic to a place where it doesn’t actually exist as often as people think it does.

While the original soundtrack comprised of songs by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling is also lovely, the score is easier to go back to. It’s what allows listeners to bring their own emotions to the already dazzling tracks.

The magic of “The Planetarium” and the heart of “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme” will always be amongst the most listened to tracks, but I could personally wax poetic about “Epilogue” for hours on end.

Hurwitz’s means of encapsulating everything we have into the “Epilogue” seems like a small feat, but its impact remains top-notch. It’s the track that brilliantly takes us back, between, and forward in a way that’s so utterly compelling it tackles all the right emotional beats.

La La Land’s original score finds its strength in the piano first and foremost, and everything else follows in lovely unison. The film’s appeal is the nostalgia factor above all things, and the score guides viewers through those emotions seamlessly. We connect with it the way we do because of the music and the performances.

“Epilogue” is a dazzling walk in the park–a culmination of emotions you didn’t know you had, a story you didn’t realize you’re a part of, and something that just feels bigger than the current moment. It’s been a few years now since its original release, and still, the single track manages to hit just as hard it did the first time.

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Listen to the La La Land original score below and let us know which tracks are your favorite.


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