How Hawkami Became One of the Best Couples on ‘Chicago Fire’

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Show of Force" Episode 1012 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jimmy Nicholas as Chief Hawkins, Hanako Greensmith as Violet -- Hawkami
(Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC)

By some gloriously fortunate outcome, the romantic relationship between Violet Mikami and Chief Evan Hawkins, otherwise known as “Hawkami,” has become one of the best things in Chicago Fire. Will the relationship actually last? We can’t say, but we sure hope so. Still, it’s worth detailing how many of us went from “aw, they’re cute” to scouring for fan videos and fan fiction, waiting with bated breath for what the next episode will show.

On a show like Chicago Fire, where heart is consistently on display, love stories fit in seamlessly. And that’s the case with Hawkami in all their forbidden love glory. When done right and deliberately consensual, the forbidden love trope can be the most exhilarating to watch unfold, which is the case for Violet and Hawkins.

When a will they/won’t they result in they’re absolutely doing this, and the progression happens organically, then there’s nothing more thrilling to watch as a fan. And if such a trope then effortlessly weaves in hurt/comfort amidst a budding friendship to show us how much one person cares about the other? A+. We’re all in. Nothing is holding us back from “shipping” anymore.

Violet and Chief Hawkins in Chicago Fire

It was clear from the moment the award conversation started circulating that there was something more from Chief Hawkins’ end, but it’s also knowing that he checks on her multiple times after her appendix removal that shows us this is more than just a crush. He sees Violet for the hard-working, funny, and strong woman she is, understanding shortly after spending time with her that he wants to continue being in her presence.

However, the road to starting a romance is seldom easy when two people “shouldn’t” be together, and that’s the case with Hawkami as they stop themselves from associating before everything changes during “Show of Force.” Before that, the stolen glances and small yet genuine smiles reveal to the audience the impact they have on each other’s daily lives. We get glimpses of what it could be if he weren’t in a higher-up position, and ultimately, when the series finally gets to their first kiss, every beat of it is earned.

And then it starts again, debating whether they should be doing this, wrestling with their feelings along with what they show in public. Is it worth the trouble? Is it worth the changes? It is, and they finally settle on the detail that there’s no turning back now because the good kind of trouble is worth it. They both want this more than anything else, and it’s worth the risk.


It’s worth the risk until it threatens his job, and it’s worth the risk even while she’s being mistreated, potentially because of their relationship. When we leave the two of them in “Finish What You Started,” we leave them trying to grapple with the subtle feelings that have now turned to love. As Violet accidentally questions in frustration why he made her fall in love with him, Chief Hawkins returns the sentiment, promising with that kiss in particular that wherever they go from this moment on, they’re headed there together. Whatever threats lie in their path, they will deal with them as a couple.

The best part of Hawkami as a romantic relationship is that the gradual progression leading to this moment feels incredibly natural. When the chemistry is this palpable and where the love story feels comforting, it’s easy to appreciate wherever the show decides to take the couple. And well, it’s hard to believe that can be a good place considering network television shows aren’t part of the romance genre. Still, Violet and Chief Hawkins have the groundwork for becoming a lasting couple.

Hawkami became one of the best relationships on Chicago Fire because the series chose to play around with all the right tropes, allowing two actors with explosive chemistry to run with it. Violet and Chief Hawkins, more than anything, are now two people who can make each other laugh at any given moment, and intermingling their friendship with the heated chemistry makes it that much more riveting.

Whether this story leads to the happy ending they deserve (and are capable of upholding) doesn’t change the fact that the progression of their story has been one of the more organic depictions of love on this show. We’ve seen their beginning and middle. We’ve watched as the spark between them has gotten stronger and stronger, pushing them towards combustive first kisses and moments of gentle vulnerability.

Despite their positions, Violet and Chief Hawkins are equals where it truly matters. The respect and adoration they harbor for one another grow by the second, and every moment they spend together proves that their belief in each other expands their strengths. They are exceptional as individuals, but together, they’re something else entirely. We don’t know much about how the season will end, but we know that they deserve to continue exploring where their relationship could go and how it could impact both of them for the better.


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