‘Moon Knight’ Episode 6 Proves That Vulnerability is a Superpower

Moon Knight Episode 6 Spoilers Ahead

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector in Moon Knight Episode 6

Oscar Isaac is sensational throughout Moon Knight, but he is something else entirely in episodes five and six. Isaac escapes into this role with such admirable heart that it is genuinely astounding to witness. Long-time viewers of his work know that his gifts are boundless, but what he brings to our screens in Moon Knight is almost indescribable.

Moon Knight might not be a perfect series, but it’s the start of more SWANA representation and the continued showcase of the detail that vulnerability isn’t a weakness but a strength. And in this case, Moon Knight Episode 6 ultimately proves that vulnerability is a superpower—the exhibition of vulnerability is Marc Spector’s greatest gift.

In the fifth episode, we learn that Marc’s mother began exhibiting abusive behavior towards him after blaming him for his younger brother’s accidental death and ultimately leading to the birth of Steven Grant. In a moment of complete and utter fear, a young Marc Spector looked to the poster of his hero and brought him to life, showcasing that in a moment of significant vulnerability, a person can choose how to harness their strength.

Where his mother allowed her grief to turn her into a monster, Marc harnessed his pain towards the kind of escape that would lead to helping those in need. Moon Knight as a series thus allows viewers to see two completely different characters who represent the same heart and soul of a broken boy who’s merely trying to navigate through the perils of grief primarily on his own.

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector and Steven Grant in Moon Knight Episode 6

Oscar Isaac’s performances and the characterizations consistently bring to the surface what it means to allow one’s heart to come front and center. Moon Knight Episode 6 even allows Marc a moment of profound vulnerability where he acknowledges how much Steven has helped him by admitting that he’s the reason why he survived all these years.

A superhero’s job is to protect the innocent, but for Marc Spector, it’s also about acknowledging that his superpower is Steven—the creation he believed in above all things. And ultimately, when examining Moon Knight Episode 6’s thematic evolution, it boldly states that vulnerability is a superpower because it ensures going forward without turning into the worst part of ourselves. Marc’s confession exhibits the importance of dealing with our emotions and acknowledging all the pieces of us, no matter how others view them.

It takes more strength to push forward when life consistently propels back than it does to succumb to the rage and fear residing within. Marc, much like his mother, could have turned towards villainy. He could’ve allowed his fury and grief to consume him, but instead, he let his softer edges come forward through Steven (and later, himself). When he chooses not to abandon Steven, he chooses to believe in everything he’s stood for, all he has created, and the emotions within him that the world could deem as weaknesses.

When all else fails, when strength seemingly turns to stone, holding on tighter equates to loving even harder. In the end, Marc Spector chose to continue believing in Steven’s strengths. He chose to hold on tighter, and through every tear Isaac shed and every word he spoke, he showed viewers the immense, deeply loving heart within both Marc and Steven.


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