Lady Geeks’ Society Podcast | Episode XIX: “The Choice” Review

Lady Geeks' Society Podcast 2x06 Bridgerton "The Choice"

In this week’s episode of Lady Geeks’ Society Podcast, we’re discussing all things Bridgerton Season 2, Episode 6, “The Choice.” It’s not our favorite episode and unfortunately, we make it clear why. It forces Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton to be split apart even further. It’s full of exceptional performances from the entire cast but that’s not enough for us to enjoy how it’s all unraveling.

This episode is not spoiler-free. If you want more written analysis, we’ve got you covered full episode review of “The Choice” too!

Articles Mentioned: wall-e-nelson’s “a peculiar kind of heartbreak”

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  1. Could not agree more!

    I’m not Book reader but had read after watched the show. JB and SM brought Anthony&Kate character from the book! This EP6 has the most plot holes. The show couldn’t make me believe Sister’s love even both actors(S&C)so talented! I’ve watched many interviews that keep pushing about Sister’s bond all the time. Unfortunately I only see Kate sacrificed for Edwina. Many lines dose not make any sense. But then! EP8 Edwina suddenly has mature growth so quick because of Kate was in Coma! Those kind of script left only bad tasted to me. JB carries all the show!

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