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Music Monday: ‘The Princess Bride’ (Original Score) by Mark Knopfler

The Princess Bride original score by Mark Knopfler cover
©1987 Phonogram Ltd. (London)

As iconic and noteworthy as the film itself, The Princess Bride’s original score by Mark Knopfler is a timeless work of art. 

Comprised of 12 songs, listeners will only complain that it is far too short for how beautifully moving it is. It’s a transportive original score that takes us through highlands and woods, encompassing adoration with each note.

While all songs are easy to listen to as classical tunes, one stands out in particular for us, and it’s always been the opening theme, “Once Upon A Time…Storybook Love.” It’s not only the kind of gorgeous track out of context, but it’s especially memorable and heartwarming if you’re a fan of Westley and Buttercup’s relationship. The track alone adds the necessary storytelling depth while we walk through their short-lived relationship, later leading to a similar tune in “I Will Never Love Again.”

The score then leads to more upbeat, riding tracks while swiftly moving to “The Friends’ Song”—another heart-shattering number that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Whether pirate sword fights or mythical caves, The Princess Bride’s original score has something for everybody. 

When it finally moves to the end. “A Happy Ending,” much like the film’s conclusion, feels earned and gratifying. It takes similar notes from the theme to mix them with different cords and instruments, allowing the track to become something profoundly memorable. Mark Knopfler even sings a lyrically lovely song for the film’s love story through “Storybook Love,” and it’s the kind of track to encompass why Westley and Buttercup’s story is so remarkable.

Listen to The Princess Bride original score below and let us know which tracks are your favorites.


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