Music Monday: “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals, VSQ Cover

"Heat Waves" VSQ cover album art for 2021 hits
©Vitamin Records

Glass Animals’ “Heat Waves” took the world by storm in 2021, and the “Heat Waves” VSQ cover is no exception. There’s no cover the Vitamin String Quartet can’t nail, to the point where even if we aren’t fans of the songs, we’re going to love the cover regardless. But unless you’re new here, then you know how obsessed we’ve been with Glass Animals’ “Heat Waves” since the release. (And will proudly admit that we’ve had four different versions of it on our Spotify Wrapped, including the “Heat Waves” VSQ cover.)

And while the 2021 Hits album is a delightful treat all the way through with covers like “Butter” and “driver’s license,” knowing us, we needed to single out this cover, mainly because of how desperately we wanted it featured on Netflix’s BridgertonIt’s a Kate and Anthony song, okay? Don’t at us.


Picture it, Grosvenor Square, 1814. Lady Danbury’s ball, and this cover starts playing while Anthony Bridgerton realizes he’s madly in love with his wife, Kate Sharma, but he’s too much of a buffoon to do anything about it. (It’s not too late to add it into Season 3. So let’s go!)

The “Heat Waves” VSQ cover is a dreamboat and one that once you put on replay, it’s nearly impossible to take off from. As one of the most intriguing covers, the song works wondrously to create the right vibe no matter the situation.

Listen to the “Heat Waves” VSQ cover and basically scream with us in the comments below.

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