Music Monday: ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 (Original Score) by Kris Bowers

Bridgerton Season 2 original score cover for by Kris Bowers featuring Anthony, Kate, Edwina, and Newton
©Capitol Records

Dearest Gentle Readers, with the release of Bridgerton Season 2 also comes another glorious original score by Kris Bowers. We were eagerly awaiting the score as much as the new string quartet numbers, and we have been listening to them entirely too much. (Or maybe, just enough?) Bowers once again masterfully weaves emotions into his score that meets the show’s tone while expanding this world.

Pulling on themes used in the first season, Bowers creates something new and adds another layer to them, bringing us back into this world but with a fresh take. A perfect example of this is “Sharpening My Knives.” Bowers uses “The Latest Whistledown” from the first season’s score to build upon and welcome us into this new season with a different tone from the first.

We love a good period drama soundtrack, and we appreciate the ways Bowers balances the feeling of a period drama while still keeping the music sounding fresh. “Hearts and Flowers Ball” has that classic sound while feeling new and wondrous, which is perfect because of the splendor of this ball that Violet has thrown at Aubrey Hall.

The more emotional themes featured on the Bridgerton Season 2 original score truly pack a punch even when not accompanied by watching the show. “Happy Ending Don’t Exist” is beautiful, aching, and haunting; a perfect reflection of where our couple is after the failed wedding.

“It Has Been Said” gives us goosebumps the same way it did when we heard “We Can Form an Attachment” in season one. It has the melody from that song, but it is different and even more magical. While it is overall cheerful after we finally see Kate and Anthony admit their feelings and choose to be together, it is still set over some darker scenes as we end the season and set up for the next one before the Epilogue. Every time “Newlyweds” comes on, we get all giddy inside (and this will likely always be a mood). It is the perfect track to end the season on a hopeful note, basking in Kate and Anthony’s love.

Bridgerton’s Season 2 original score will be in our rotation for a while. And while we fear it is missing some songs as certain tracks do not come up on Shazam as the other classical pieces do (looking at you, the unnamed music from Episode 7 when they all dance at Bridgerton house).

Listen to the Bridgerton Season 2 original score below and let us know your favorite song!


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