Music Monday: ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Covers by Various Artists

Bridgerton Season 2 covers album key art by various artists featuring Anthony and Kate in the background
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When Bridgerton took the world by storm in 2020, its featured string covers were just as big of a buzz as its outstanding cast and romantic storytelling. And even better this time around than during its debut, Bridgerton Season 2 covers by various artists are likely going to become a tremendous obsession.

Though primarily comprised of covers by the Vitamin String Quartet last year, the Bridgerton Season 2 covers album features the aforementioned legends, returning once again Duomo, Midnite String Quartet, Hannah V and Joel Rodwell, Steve Horner, Kiris, and, of course, our very own Kris Bowers.

Though the story takes some unexpected turns that book fans could find jarring, the music allows us to feel all the emotions profoundly. And well, aren’t emotions what we all want when watching something? Plus, there is something to be said about how incredible the Bridgerton Season 2 covers are when looking at the big picture.

While they were great in Season 1, they weren’t all particular favorites, whereas, in this album, they’re pretty close to outstanding. We might even forgive them for not including Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game,” a quintessential Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton song, because we adore the cover of “Dancing On My Own” so much. In all fairness, Vitamin String Quartet could probably take a piece we loathe and make us appreciate it, but that’s not the case here. They not only take a notable classic, but it marks what might just be the most beautiful dance in the entire series as the choreography is as breathtaking as the conversations Kate and Antony have in silence.


Kiris’ cover of Calvin Harris’s “How Deep Is Your Love” takes the cake as the second favorite solely because of how gorgeously it differentiates from the original, slowing everything down to match the moment where Kate and Anthony finally collide during a surfeit of emotions. It’s slow and compelling, and when it reaches the chorus as the two find themselves closer than ever, the music and the performances in the shared intimacy stir viewers towards a transfixing journey. The song’s question is thus visually answered; Kate and Anthony’s love for one another are more profound than anything either of them will ever face.

There’s also the inclusion of Midnite String Quartet’s cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” which is one of my favorite songs despite its more heartbreaking backstory. Still, it results in another beautiful dance with our leads, giving us plenty to think about.

Rihanna’s “Diamonds” is just right for the opening, and “You Oughta Know” feels like a thousand daggers to the chest. “What About Us” had us in tears, and there could not have been a better Harry Styles song to choose for the episode than “Sign of the Times.” And of course, there’s the lovely homage to “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.”


Music Supervisor Justin Kamps

Kamps is correct in every way—how these string covers hit is something Bridgerton continuously mesmerizes us during. No matter what’s happening, the music immerses us into this world to allow us to experience much of the beauty within.

Listen to the Bridgerton Season 2 covers below and let us know which tracks are your favorites in the comments.


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