Music Monday: ‘Tangled’ Original Soundtrack by Various Artists

Disney's Tangled original soundtrack album cover

We are highlighting Tangled again, and this time focusing on the Tangled original soundtrack! Not only are the lyrical songs catchy and full of emotions, but the original score is not to be forgotten. The score is composed by Disney music legend Alan Menken. He also composed the music for the original songs with lyrics by Glenn Slater.

Starting with the original songs in the Tangled original soundtrack, “When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 2)” is one of my favorites. I love the original as well, but this reprise is full of the yearning Rapunzel has felt her whole life and contains the energy of those classic songs that mark the beginning of an adventure. “I’ve Got a Dream” is a joy to listen to. It is fun and full of heart while keeping a light and comedic tone. The first time I watched the movie, I felt like I was in a Disney Park.

One of Disney’s most romantic songs, “I See the Light,” is absolutely beautiful. The lyrics are hopeful and illuminating (pun intended) while giving insight into both Rapunzel and Eugene’s journey and character development. This scene is breathtaking and gives me chills every time.

As we talked about in the scene breakdown of the campfire moment, “Campfire” perfectly sets the tone of Eugene and Rapunzel opening up to each other. It is intimate and hopeful, which creates a safe space for them. “Kingdom Dance” is the backdrop for the montage of Rapunzel and Eugene exploring the Kingdom of Corona and then sharing a dance. It is lively and fun with a Renaissance fair vibe to it, making it feel like even more of a fairytale than it is.

Further Recommended Original Scores: The Princess Bride by Mark Knopfler and The Princess and The Frog by Randy Newman

Tangled‘s original soundtrack is a joy and easily fits in with the classic Disney songs we all grew up with. Listen below to the original score below and let us know what your favorite tracks are!


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