Music Monday: ‘The Batman’ (Original Score) by Michael Giacchino

The Batman original score cover art by Michael Giacchino
©2022 Motion Picture Artwork

Michael Giacchino is back with another brilliantly compelling original score, and this time, it’s for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz. In what feels like a haunting, otherworldly adventure of sorts, The Batman’s original score is a breathtaking work of art. “The Batman” theme in particular, which was released earlier than the entire soundtrack, along with “Catwoman,” are utter masterpieces.

Comprised of 29 songs, it’s a gloriously lengthy 1:56 minute album full of haunting and thrilling tracks that gain progression in the kind of way you’d expect from a superhero film, and for Batman especially.

The Batman original score might just be one of the most satisfying albums in recent years when it comes to the DCEU. The more ballad-like tracks such as “Gannika Girl,” “Funeral and Far Between,” “Meow and You and Everyone We Know,” “For All Your Pennyworth,” “All’s Well That Ends Farewell,” and “Sonata in Darkness” are personal favorites. It’s got something for everybody, even if The Batman isn’t your general cup of tea.

The soundtrack alone is such a stunning compilation of exceptional tracks that releasing it earlier than the film means it’s heightening the anticipation that much more. It’ll be great to have on replay before going to see the film and even more exciting to continue replaying long after.

Considering the fact that this film will explore darker and more twisted sides of the DCEU, the soundtrack is acutely fitting to create the kind of ambiance that’s both a bit terrifying and simultaneously melancholic. Bruce Wayne’s story is one of the more tragic ones in the universe, and the different sounds feed into the darkness brilliantly by giving us added nuances through music.

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Listen to The Batman original score below and let us know your favorites in the comments below.


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