Tracy Spiridakos’ Performance on Chicago P.D.’s “Still Water” is Aces

Spoilers for Tracy Spiridakos’ performance on Chicago P.D.’s “Still Water”

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Still Water" Episode 913 -- Pictured: Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey -- (
(Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

Tracy Spiridakos consistently brings top-notch performances to Chicago P.D.and that’s especially the case for her work in the latest episode, “Still Water.” In an episode that demanded Hailey Upton once again go through a horrific wringer, Spiridakos brought her A-game to show us parts of the character that were marvelous to witness.

From the moment Hailey jumps into the water to the second she learns that she saved the wrong person, Spiridakos showed us just how much she is capable of and what she can do if the writing allows her chops to pour through. We knew she was far from okay because no caring person would be in her situation, but what Spiridakos showed us was more than that.

She touched on Hailey’s grief, her heartaches from childhood, and the harrowing guilt that’s likely not going to leave her for a while. How could it if her heroic decision accidentally led to the wrong person drowning? But as Platt says, what could she have done—that’s not who she is, and her call is still vital to the bigger picture. It’s still the right one, even if it’s the wrong person. And yet, in situations like this, the right call can still haunt and terrorize someone.

It’s also worth mentioning the shivers in the ambulance and the hospital that undoubtedly many viewers (myself included) had a visceral reaction to in Chicago P.D.’s “Still Water.” Whatever the case may be for Tracy Spiridakos to bring to life with such authenticity is worthy of tremendous praise. We see the behind-the-scenes of this in a video released exclusively by NBC that shows us how much admirable work went into bringing something authentic to life. Spiridakos wasn’t hypothermic like Hailey, but she brought it to life masterfully.

In what could’ve been an overdone performance, Spirkidakos was meticulous and fiercely brought to life the kind of scene that felt deeply real and utterly painful to watch. Wherever the character goes from here, we aren’t sure, but we know Tracy Spiridakos can bring incomparable performances to life, and I hope she’s given the space to do so with storylines that allow her to sit with what she’s gone through. It’s more than one person should ever carry. She isn’t carrying alone, but the process of opening up isn’t easy either and everything we saw with Platt, Atwater, and Halstead gave us enough to see how much care and attention Spiridakos brings to the character’s heart.

What are your thoughts on Tracy Spiridakos’ performance in Chicago P.D.’s “Still Water?” Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to check out a full episode review over at Fangirlish.


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