Chicago Fire “Fire Cop” Review: Good Kind of Trouble

Chicago Fire “Fire Cop” Spoilers Ahead

Chief Hawkins and Violet in Chicago Fire "Fire Cop"

Chicago Fire is back from hiatus with the kind of good trouble that serves up a delicious delight for shippers. In an episode that’s equal parts enjoyable and inspiring, “Fire Cop” reminds us that the women on this series remain unmatched.

But the standout part of Chicago Fire’s “Fire Cop” is the reminder that a woman’s agency is her own and no person, no matter how close, could decide on behalf of their reputation. This is Violet Mikami’s episode to remind everyone of who she is, and it’s an episode that openly states outside opinions shouldn’t get to dictate how people should live their lives.

But before we get into the old love triangle we’re all likely tired of, we need to talk about to continuous impact that Girls on Fire makes and how this series gives Stella Kidd incredible opportunities to shine. If nothing else, Stella can be sure that the decision she made to help young women was never wasted. She not only has people within Firehouse 51 ceaselessly rooting for her, but the girls within the organization are on her side, too, making it clear that their choices are a direct result of what she has shown them as a firefighter.

If the girls approach to tell her that they are going to apply for the academy after they turn 21, then you know she’s made a profound impact. We see so much of it in Kylie’s work, and her ability to step up and consistently remind Stella of how grateful she is.

Chicago Fire has often done a great job of allowing its women the agency to make decisions for themselves. Girls on Fire is one of those decisions, as is the Paramedicine Program. And sometimes, the decision is personal too. Sometimes, the decision equates to choosing who you want to be with, even though it’s “frowned upon.”


I’m not even a little sorry to admit how much I now ship Violet and Chief Hawkins, AKA Hawkami. I mean, come on—their chemistry alone could, pun intended, be the cause of a mass fire. It’s easy to see that Hawkins not only cares about Violet, but he admires her strengths in every way. He sees her and wants her, not when she’s unavailable or because he’s blown all chances, but because every part of her that she’s shown him is a part he appreciates.

I don’t know where this relationship is going, given how much they’ve set up previously with Violet and Gallo, but the two are better off as friends anyway. Let’s not mess with the trio—and let’s give Violet the romance she deserves. The one that she wants to take a chance on, the one she’s clearly happy in, and the good kind of trouble that the two could get into.

Their scenes were spectacular in the beginning, but by the end, it’s hard not to dive all on. And that’s especially the case when Hawkins doesn’t treat her as anything less than brilliant. Gallo’s comments were out of line in ways that I’d rather not even focus on, but it essentially goes against trusting a woman’s agency by stating that if she dates her boss, she’s the one who’d look bad. If anything, shouldn’t the one in a higher-up position look bad? Shouldn’t we be condemning Hawkins instead of Violet? It’s funny how the men never get the same kind of backlash. (It’s not even a little funny.)

Gallo has a lot of growing up to do, whereas Hawkins knows what he wants and understands how to value a woman’s agency. He understands what it means to see strength and focus on it, which is what he’s consistently done with Violet.

The best kind of relationships bring out the best in each other. We see this with Stella and Kelly, Sylvie and Matt, and now, we’re seeing it come to life with Violet and Hawkins. Wherever this goes, Violet’s happiness should be the primary concern, and as of right now, our girl is happy—rightfully so, as she should be.

Further Thoughts

  • No but seriously Gallo pissed me off this week, but at the same time, for a second there in the beginning I thought we might lose him and I’m glad we didn’t.
  • Stella Kidd not caring about what anyone else thinks? As she should. And Severide’s heart eyes? Big mood.
  • The women talking to each other and giving each other advice and being friends? I will never get over this.
  • So…how long will Pelham stay exactly?
  • I really appreciate this show for consistently mentioning how smart cats are.
  • I also couldn’t love Chief Boden more if I tried.

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