Scene Breakdown: Jesse’s New Beginning in How I Met Your Father’s “Rivka Rebel”

How I Met Your Father’s “Rivka Rebel” Spoilers Ahead

How I Met Your Father -- “Rivka Rebel” - Episode 107 -- Valentina helps Sophie with an unexpected career opportunity. Jesse and Sid struggle with procrastination. Charlie seeks out a nasty Yelp reviewer. Jesse (Chris Lowell), shown.
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How I Met Your Father‘s “Rivka Rebel” doesn’t shy away from subtly showing its audience the singular impact belief could have on a person. In a short, concluding scene, it cements that Sophie and Jesse’s meeting was always supposed to be something special.

It’s no accident that Jesse finds one of Sophie’s lucky bangles in his pocket right as he says to Sid he’s happy he’s with a girl who gets it. And finding the bangle in his pocket is one thing, but his decision to place it on top of his piano after such a moment is another. You could understand right in that decision that this tiny gesture matters to him.

As mentioned in “The Good Mom,” Sophie not being present while Jesse got back on the stage had to mean something in regards to the next time he’d perform again. Her presence is going to matter, but more than that, her presence should matter. It already does in a way that’s acutely showing us how her belief manifests itself into something bigger.

Sophie’s intentions and sincerity in giving him the bangle are essential, but the thought behind her actions counts that much more. Because more than anything, Sophie sincerely cares about him, his happiness, and his friendship. And even more beautiful is the detail that Jesse knows she wants the best for him. He knows that, despite the short amount of time they’ve known each other, she cares about his happiness because he saw it when she defended him in “The Fixer,” and he could feel it right at this moment because of the object that represents her.

There’s also something telling about how the tune he’s playing goes from a rather frustrated beat to something soft and more ballad-like, which can be perceived as romantic. But beyond that, it’s the fact that he’s playing again—he feels comfortable to sit in front of his piano and to let the music take over as opposed to the terrible memories of the failed proposal.

This scene, and inadvertently, Sophie, give Jesse the chance to take something back that’s rightfully his—his joy and the catharsis he feels when playing. In an episode that focuses on new opportunities towards making dreams a reality, Jesse’s motivation comes mainly from Sophie’s quiet little gesture—a gesture that she probably doesn’t realize was so important, but it is. And that’s how it works sometimes, little things give people the push they need to make their dreams a reality by giving them the right nudge to keep going.

Sophie’s bangle isn’t just a token for good luck, but it’s a symbol for belief, and it’s this very belief that will hopefully lead Jesse back on the stage, with her cheering for him from the crowd. It’s the kind of 180-degree turn from the bleak proposal that’ll act as the perfect second chance.

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