Sweet Magnolias 2×09 “Dear Friend” Highlights

Sweet Magnolias 2×09 “Dear Friend” Spoilers Ahead

Dana Sue, Maddie, and Helen in Sweet Magnolias 2x09

“Dear Friend” is the kind of frustrating penultimate that’s leading to an explosive finale. So, there isn’t much to be said about how much it pushes into motion for one couple in particular while finally revealing to us the identity of a parent that is somehow still shocking even though it shouldn’t be.

Sweet Magnolias 2×09 “Dear Friend” picks up after Miss Frances’ tragic passing by choosing to honor the woman who’s inspired each of them. It focuses on planning her celebration memorial while simultaneously forcing the characters to look inward towards what they could do to make their lives better to continue doing right by her legacy. 

Wedding Vows

Runnie Sullivan in Sweet Magnolias 2x09

Brooke Elliott and Brandon Quinn broke me in this episode, but at the same time, despite my frustrations, it’s making me appreciate Dana Sue and Ronnie so much more as a couple. These conversations aren’t easy to have, and the fact that we’re getting to the ugliest sides of their relationship is essential to see the growth they’ll experience as a couple. It’s easy to want Dana Sue to forgive Ronnie—he’s proving that he’s worth it, after all. He’s showing her how he’s changed and making tireless efforts to restore the cracks in their foundation. 

But she makes a solid point in stating that it requires forgiving herself, and that’s a challenging topic we don’t get into often. Forgiving someone isn’t easy, but it can be done—forgiving ourselves is sometimes an even more giant monster. Dana Sue opening up about this is the first step towards actually finding a solution and working towards ensuring that their future is more substantial than their past. She was right to indicate that Ronnie should’ve just told her he was unhappy. He shouldn’t have tarnished those vows because it’s clear that he loves her deeply, but it’s also clear that their past lacks serious communication.


I don’t know anyone capable of remembering their wedding vows except maybe, Leslie Knope, and if Ronnie can do this, then perhaps he’s worthy of forgiveness. Perhaps, it really was a horrific mistake, and he’s going to learn from it. He’s on the path now. He’s listening to her, abiding by her concerns, and even trying to be the kind of co-parent she wanted. Their future looks good, and if we keep going with these performances, we’re constantly in for a treat as viewers.

Never Again

Isaac and Peggy in Sweet Magnolias 2x09

There aren’t a lot of standout moments in Sweet Magnolias 2×09 “Dear Friend,” but Peggy holding Isaac’s hand and saying she’s never leaving again was perfect. And good Lord, is Bill trying to compete with Zeus on who could father more children? I’m tired, y’all. So, very tired. I’m sure we all thought Ryan was going to be the father for a moment (and that would’ve probably led to a better storyline, but yikes…this is something). Plus, when he tried to walk away for a second there? Face palm.

It’s sad to say, but I have very little desire to see Bill father yet another child. Isaac, as always, deserves the world, but he could get so much of that with Peggy.

The episode leaves a lot to be desired, but secrets and revelations no less—we’re going places in the finale. And I suppose, for the time being, that’s what matters.

Pour it Out and Further Thoughts

  • A specific show has tainted me to the whole a musician in a small town storyline, but Ty is great and I really want to appreciate this arc. Make me proud, Sweet Magnolias.
  • What secrets is Peggy referring to regarding Trent?
  • Annie and Jackson continue to be super sweet and I’m here for it.

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