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Music Monday: ‘WolfWalkers’ (Original Soundtrack) by Bruno Coulais, Kíla, & Aurora

Wolfwalkers original soundtrack cover
©Cartoon Saloon Music

From the Irish studio, Cartoon Saloon comes another brilliant film, complete with a lovely soundtrack. WolfWalkers is a fantasy adventure tale that takes place in 17th Century Kilkenny, Ireland, with elements of folklore throughout. Bruno Coulais and Kíla composed beautiful songs in the WolfWalkers original soundtrack that are rich with emotions. There are often vocals interwoven in the score, giving this film an otherworldly quality.

Opening with “WolfWalkers Theme,” Bruno Coulais sets the tone for this tale. This short track incorporates the different themes throughout the movie and perfectly sets up the feeling of a fantasy adventure. “Please Mammy” is a beautifully emotional song. When I first watched this film, it stuck out to me, even during the tense scene. The somber melody matches Mebh’s emotions. “Follow Me” has that same theme but builds upon it and finishes with an energetic and hopeful note.

“Running with the Wolves” by Aurora is a fun, upbeat song that accompanies the scene of Robyn and Mebh running as wolves through the forest at night. It is one of two lyrical songs on the album. As you listen to the lyrics, they give further insight into what is happening in Robyn’s and Mebh’s minds during their transformation.

Irish folk band Kíla’s “Mebh’s Tune” is one of my personal favorites. It is the ideal theme for the energetic WolfWalker. The song is a great example of upbeat Irish folk music and adds to the roots of Mebh’s character. While “Robyn’s Tune” accents her character wonderfully. It has less of an Irish feel to reflect her English roots. It is a fun and whimsical theme that also puts a smile on my face.

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The WolfWalkers original soundtrack is a joy to listen to as much as the movie is to watch. Now streaming on Apple TV+. Listen to the WolfWalkers original soundtrack below and tell us what your favorite tracks are in the comments.


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