‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Teaser is Coming in Hot With Sharpened Knives

Official poster for Bridgerton Season 2 teaser on Netflix

The wait is close to over, hive—the Bridgerton Season 2 teaser is here, and we’re almost down to a month-long countdown. Teasers are meant to tease, and this does so with all the right angles we’ve been waiting to see, including the faintest glimpse of Rupert Evans as the late Viscount, Edmund Bridgerton.

Julie Andrews returns as the indomitable Lady Whistledown, but this time, our girl Penelope Featherington has a bit of a voiceover too. There’s a lot fans want to see in Bridgerton Season 2 considering the popularity of The Viscount Who Loved Me, and we’re here, hoping that the best is yet to come. Teasers never release that information, and thankfully, this one doesn’t either.

It bears repeating, but seldom does casting ever hit the way the Sharmas does. Every teaser we’ve seen, including the sneak peek at the Tudum event, proves that Simone Ashley was undoubtedly born to play Kate Sharma. Charithra Chandra and Shelley Conn as well, though we’ve not seen much from them, we’ve seen enough for it to be promising.

The “enemies to lovers” energy is acutely present in the teaser as we catch brief moments with Anthony Bridgerton and his future wife, Kate Sharma. If eye contact that powerful is happening in the teaser alone, we will need someone to tell us where Kate bought her fan because we’ll be needing one as well.

But also, we need to comment on Whistledown’s sharpening knives statement because it’s true. Symbolically, we’re taking it for our main relationship and running with it. A knife works on its own, yes, but every so often it needs to be sharpened, it needs its strength, and Kate and Anthony are the pair who will need each other for light to fill the corridors of their beings that haven’t been touched in years—the trauma, the heartaches, the grief, the loneliness, all the places which they’ll strengthen by allowing themselves to be vulnerable with each other. Complete on their own, but stronger together.

Watch the Bridgerton Season 2 teaser below, and let us know all your thoughts in the comments.


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