Sweet Magnolias 2×07 “Fragile Things” Highlights

Sweet Magnolias 2×07 “Fragile Things” Spoilers Ahead

Trotter and Cal in Sweet Magnolias 2x07

Contrary to the episode’s title, there’s plenty of strength in this episode of Sweet Magnolias as we piggyback off of “Find it in Your Heart” by putting actions behind our words. While there was much to be said about how hard forgiveness is, “Fragile Things” states that there are choices to be made in every area of a person’s life, and those choices matter more than anything.

No matter how often this theme is present in a TV series or how many times I write about it, it never loses its strength. It works effortlessly in every area to clarify that a person’s decisions will always matter and everything they do is worthwhile.

Many choices are made in Sweet Magnolias 2×07, and as we get closer to the end, the aftermath of this episode will have lasting ramifications.



Maddie Townsend in Sweet Magnolias 2x07

Maddie’s grace will never not floor and astound me as something that continues to feel so incredibly organic. Faux Christianity in the form of a Mary Vaughn who does the worst versus everything that Maddie tries to do serves as a fascinating juxtaposition. She forgives Noreen because it’s the Christian thing to do, but at the same time, because it’s what the kids genuinely deserve too. There are a few things worse than knowing you have a half-sibling in the world, and there’s no chance of a proper relationship because of animosity between parents.

Despite all the lingering pain, these kids deserve to know their siblings, and while this is the best of a situation because the real world is uglier than this, it’s a beautiful thing to see in fiction with the hopes that it’s how people could react. It’s hard to do, but it’s also easy to appreciate that it doesn’t happen in the same episode because it takes time in the real world.

Secrets and Transparency

Erik Whitley and Helen Decatur in Sweet Magnolias 2x07

The darkness that Erik has been carrying is unimaginable, but we finally get some light on it in Sweet Magnolias 2×07. From the very beginning, we could see that guilt and turmoil has haunted him to the point of profound exhaustion, but much like Helen, he’s taken his darkness and tried to help people in the process. He’s been a source of joy for others and a confidant—a safe space and someone his wife is likely deeply proud of from above.

Erik has been the true example of a gentleman. It’s why he and Helen are so right for each other, and the fact that they’re starting their relationship with this much honesty continues to be a breath of fresh air. We don’t see moments that are this genuine for couples as early on, making their development astounding to witness.

The two of them know how to be a safe space for other people, and thus, finding themselves in a conversation like this is a beautiful exhibition of how great they can be together. The conversation is one thing, but to then seal their desires with dance is everything to us. Because Helen states that jazz music reminds her of her parents, this moment with Erik brings such a promising future to life. If they weren’t canon in the book series, it’s a scene like this that treks just how right they are for one another—how effortlessly fitted.

A Blessing

Sweet Magnolias still

An absolute blessing. This entire scene with everyone showing up for Noreen could’ve been so perfect if we just had a different actress in the role. It’s not something I can look past, but I can still acknowledge how sweet it was to see everyone’s openness and her mother’s realization that this is a blessing. Noreen is entirely responsible for her mistakes, but in an episode that highlights healing, she’s also responsible for her atonement and doing better. She’s doing a lovely job of it so far, and JoAnna Garcia Swisher is so good at making me cry that I was a wreck when she held the baby.

Mother and Son

Isaac and Peggy in Sweet Magnolias

Peggy and Isaac finally meeting to talk, and learning that she got to choose his name was perfect. It’s also easy to love that she got to share her truth with him and have a real moment of blessing to clarify that she’s happy to see him and wants to get to know him more. Knowing that it was never her choice but one made for her because of her parents hit hard, and as predicted last week, we’re hoping she’s easier on herself now.

Sweet Magnolias 2×07 “Fragile Things” brings to the surface what’s necessary while also kicking plenty into motion. Who is Isaac’s father? What’s the deal with Peggy’s mom? Will Tyler get to play baseball again? Will Noreen be able to find her happy ending outside of Serenity? Plenty of questions, but there’s no need for all the answers yet. This is still very much a beginning.

Pour it Out and Further Thoughts

  • Mary Vaughn could not annoy me more if she tried and Maddie’s reply to her was perfect in the beginning.
  • Nothing was more awkward than Noreen’s parents and Bill meeting in the hospital room. Yikes. So much yikes.
  • Maddie bringing the blanket her children all used for Rebecca made for such a beautiful scene.
  • It’s a good thing Kyle has something for himself now.
  • Cal and Maddie are precious in this episode.
  • “Listen to the smart woman in your life.” Cal gets it.
  • I would not want to switch positions with Annie in that final shot—ever. Poor girl.
  • Jackson is really trying and you know what? Good for him.

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