Music Monday: ‘The Great’ (Original Series Soundtrack) by Nathan Barr

Elle Fanning in The Great original series soundtrack cover
©Lakeshore Records

While my feelings on Hulu’s The Great are complicated, my feelings on Nathan Barr‘s original series soundtrack are not. In short, I love The Great’s original series soundtrack. Barr’s work encapsulates the modern, comical approach to this period drama excellently. The songs are full of melodies that feel modern, whimsical, and timeless at the same time, while hitting on more emotional themes as well.

We start off The Great’s original series soundtrack with “Intro,” and it is a wild ride for a song lasting only two minutes and twelve seconds. It begins with an energetic opening that quickly gives way to a more traditional period drama score. Then closes with those modern sounds being introduced and out with a bang with the return of the energetic drums from the opening. With the first track, we are shown that this is no ordinary period piece.

I love when a soundtrack can hit on the many themes and emotions of a story. With the satirical nature of The Great, there are still some more emotional and intimate moments that pack a punch. “Do What We Want” is a slow song that perfectly encapsulates the quiet anticipation of the scene before Catherine does what (and, ahem, who) she wants.


“Huzzah” is the perfect name for this triumphant song. Starting out quiet and optimistic, not unlike Catherine. The song culminates with once again a modern, timeless melody that is celebratory. There is also the beautiful cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Bird on a Wire” preformed by Simone Istwa. A quiet song with powerful lyrics, the themes within can be applied to both Catherine and Peter.

Further Recommended Original Scores: Mary Queen of Scots by Max Richter and Rosaline by Drum & Lace and Ian Hultquist

I always enjoy a great instrumental soundtrack, and this will now be one of my go-to albums! (As well as adding a few songs into my current playlist.) Listen to The Great‘s original series soundtrack below and share with us your favorite tracks.


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