The Rookie “The Knock” Review: Double Dates

The Rookie “The Knock” Spoilers Ahead

screenshot from The Rookie "The Knock" featuring chenford

Well, everyone, looks like Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford finally went on a date…sort of. I know, I know, the double date wasn’t exactly what you were hoping for, dear Chenford shippers. Although the results of the dinner date weren’t desirable, there were some great moments between our favorite LAPD duo. Now that we’ve had some time to reflect on the episode, let’s take a closer look, shall we? 

Personally, one of my favorite moments in The Rookie’s “The Knock” is how quick Bradford is to invite Chen to dinner at Osia after Ashley’s friend pulls out. Tim suggesting Lucy indicates two important things: first, he was listening to her all day when she was “pining” about Osia and realizing it was important to her, and second, Tim is super comfortable with having Lucy around. Tim would prefer to have Lucy around so much so that he also immediately secures her a date by asking Sanford to join just to ensure Lucy would be there. 


Although nothing romantic happens between Lucy and Tim during the actual date, we get a good glimpse of how close and comfortable they’ve gotten together, especially on Tim’s end. We’ve gone from Bradford making his rookie get his lunch order without telling Lucy what he wants to Lucy quickly pointing out his dislike for mushrooms and grabbing them off his plate like it’s an everyday occurrence. On Tim’s end, we see him openly sharing and laughing at work stories and inside jokes with Lucy, visibly unaware that they’re making their dates feel left out. 

Despite both of them apologizing to their respective dates and what appears to be the beginning of Lucy’s relationship with Sanford, this episode shows positive strides for Chenford. Sure, the romantic aspect of a relationship seems stalled, but at the same time, this is the closest and most relaxed we’ve seen them together in the series so far. Bradford used to see his relationship with Lucy strictly as someone he needed to train for work. That relationship has not only evolved at the LAPD (work husband and wife, if you please), but it has now also crossed into their personal lives. 


We see how much regard and respect Tim has for Lucy. When he apologizes to Ashley, he points out it’s hard for him to be open to new places and things because he’s always on guard during his military service and as a cop. He notes that it’s easier for him to wind down when he’s most comfortable. Lucy is an extension of that comfort–given all they’ve gone through, he trusts her implicitly. We also see a glimpse of that trust and regard later in the episode when they’re at the morgue and trying to figure out the best option to rescue the hostages. When their relationship was training officer and rookie, it was part of Lucy’s training for Tim to assess their options over tactics. Now as a sergeant, he looks to her skills and abilities as a police officer. 

This may be a slow burn, but it’s still exciting to see where all of this leads. And no matter how the story unfolds, I think we can always agree that whether platonic or romantic, these two characters not only have igniting chemistry, but they truly care for one another and have brought out the best in each other.

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