How I Met Your Father “The Fixer” Review: Picture Perfect Moments

How I Met Your Father “The Fixer” Spoilers Ahead

Josh Peck, Chris Lowell, and Hilary Duff in How I Met Your Father "The Fixer" Season 1 Episode 3

Do you ever watch an episode and then immediately think: well, this is it—this is the one that does it? Same. How I Met Your Father 1×03 “The Fixer” dives straight for the feels with the kind of love triangle that isn’t frustrating us. (I know, I know.) We know Sophie’s going to have more than one love interest. On any other show, I’d hate this, but right now, it’s working.

This was always going to be about trials and errors. It’s what How I Met Your Mother was about—except on this occasion, in the first episode, Sophie confirmed that she met the father that night. And sure that could perhaps mean it’s Drew (Josh Peck), but most of us are hoping it’s Jesse, right? It’s got to be. Friends to lovers is one of the best romance tropes if it’s done correctly, and in the case of Jesse and Sophie, it’s headed towards what could also be an excellent kind of slow-burn too.

The rest of the series is shifting grounds, too, with Ellen and Charlie looking for new apartments, Sid trying to ensure long-distance works with Hannah through the help of Valentina, and of course, the addition of Drew in the picture.


Picture Perfect

Hilary Duff in How I Met Your Father "The Fixer" Season 1 Episode 3

There’s always a picture-perfect moment for every budding relationship—the instance where it becomes clear that if something bigger were to arise, it’d be magical. It could be a single look or a quiet heart-to-heart with two friends in the subway. Repeating a motto you swore you’d never and a friendly hand to the knee to say goodnight. A late-night text after looking at photographs in a dark room followed by a new beginning that’ll likely be great while everything else comes into place. I’m rooting hard for Jesse and Sophie, but that’s not the path we’re on right now.

Right now, it’s about finding each other love—ridiculous conversations about packed hummus, bizarre means of posing, and defending each other in the face of people who are willing to hurt them. That’s what this friendship is about at the moment. Sophie is going to look out for Jesse, and Jesse will look after her. They’re in it for the long haul, but what that means is something they’ll thoroughly learn about it later on. This episode marks their true beginning, and it’s a beginning headed down an incredibly organic path.

How I Met Your Father “The Fixer” makes me care about these characters more than I ever thought possible. Their friendships, their relationships, their history—it’s all part of a bigger story that’s easy to wonder about. It’s easy to care, and so far, it’s easy to enjoy the story despite all the lingering questions. Is the father still in Sophie’s life? She isn’t wearing a ring, but what exactly does that mean? We’re choosing not to question it because staying in the moment is working. We’ll look into the rest later, but we can’t seem to stop going for now.

She might’ve also met Josh Peck’s Vice-Principal Drew at the party, but what exactly does that mean? Was he once the father? Are Sophie and Jesse together now? We have questions, and indeed, the following episodes will have answers.

How I Met Further Thoughts

  • In 2022 everyone was very into watching other people open stuff up on camera…I hate it here.
  • I’m really glad there’s a universe where Josh Peck and Hilary Duff’s characters get to date for a while.
  • Charlie and the damn golden spoon. I cannot.
  • Okay but seriously Charlie and Ellen as roommates would be a glorious thing. I need them to be besties right this second.
  • Sid flying across country??? Yes. We love to see it.

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