Music Monday: ‘Casino Royale’ (Original Soundtrack) by David Arnold

album cover for Casino Royale original soundtrack
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Casino Royale‘s original soundtrack by David Arnold stands the test of time as brilliantly as the film does, but perhaps even more with its ability to take us right back to where the emotions pierce most when shuffle suddenly brings it back up. I consistently torture myself by listening to “Vesper,” but that’s neither here nor there.

The original soundtrack is a masterpiece in every way because of its means to calm and break simultaneously. You could dive into it with zero context of the film and guaranteed it’ll pierce your bones through melancholy waves that’ll be hard to swim forward from.

Between “Vesper” and “City of Lovers,” no part of me understands how such magnificence exists in our time. And how the Academy Awards snubbed it is also beyond me. The stories the two tracks tell are something otherworldly entirely. For instance, without “Vesper,” the shower scene, in particular, wouldn’t hit as powerfully. It’s a stunning, vulnerable moment, yes, but the theme adds much to be analyzed. But the entirety of the Casino Royale original soundtrack is a brilliant drift towards blue skies and drowning waves. The kind of original score that makes the film as remarkable it is, including the faster-paced themes. 


Music from Bond films is often exquisite and some of the most intrinsically balanced pieces that make listening to a joy ride and a soothing balm at the same time.

Where the two-disk set isn’t available on platforms like Spotify today, most of what we can listen to is part of a compilation worthy of immense praise. And David Arnold’s compositions are some of the most perfectly crafted tracks to date. Some other favorites include “Solange,” “Trip Aces,” and “The Tell.” After all these years, it’s one of the few original scores that sets an example for the kind of balance such films need to draw in more emotions.

Listen to the Casino Royale original score below and tell us which tracks are your favorite!


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