‘Shadow and Bone’ Announces New Cast Members and Season 2 Production

Shadow and Bone announces new cast members for Season 2 and it’s finally time to meet some of our favorites from the books. All we have to say is, wow–Netflix nailed it!

Tolya Yul-Bataar and Tamar Kir-Bataar, who are key characters throughout the rest of the series, will be introduced this season, played by Lewis Tan and Anna Leong Brophy. These two look absolutely spot on, and I personally can’t wait to watch them bicker a bit and be the overall coolest brother and sister unit of all time. Oh, and to watch Tamar throw some axes–can’t forget about that.

Fan favorite Wylan Hendriks, a member of Kaz Brekker‘s gang in Ketterdam with a bit more to him than meets the eye (or than he is willing to share) will be played by Jack Wolfe. Can we all say “awww”? The inherent gentleness in Wylan’s character really lines up with Wolfe’s look, and I am so excited to see that come across on the screen. And of course, to see his interactions with a sharp-shooter crow in particular. Cough Jesper Fahey cough. Bottom line is having all six of the crows cast feels like the best part.


Shadow and Bone Announces New Cast Members

Shadow and Bone announces new cast members and the production of Season 2
Source: Twitter

And finally, we have a face for Nikolai Lantsov, who will be played by Patrick Gibson. Fans of the books will recognize him as undoubtedly the most important character that viewers haven’t met yet–and won’t soon forget. How are we supposed to pay attention while he is explaining his inventions and looking like that at the same time?!

We need Shadow and Bone Season 2, and we need it now. Watch the video on repeat below to hold you up until the series’ return. It’s what we’re doing. Or, re-reading the books while picturing these new cast members? Yes.


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