‘The Morning Show’ is Returning for Season 3

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It’s official, The Morning Show lands itself another spot on air. The series will be returning for a third season, and while we certainly expected it, it’s always good to get confirmation. 


The Morning Show renewed for Season 3, however, will come with changes. According to Deadline: “Kerry Ehrin, who developed The Morning Show and served as showrunner on the first and second seasons, will step down as showrunner with Fosse/Verdon co-exec producer Charlotte Stoudt, who is also exec producing Netflix’s Pieces of Her, replacing her as showrunner. Ehrin will serve as consultant on the third season.”

However, we have one crucial question—will Laura Peterson be returning too? Reese Witherspoon and Julianna Margulies’ BradleyLaura took viewers by storm as their romance quickly became the highlight of the series after Season 2, Episode 3 “Laura.” As one of the best, most memorable scene-stealers of the year, The Morning Show Season 3 wouldn’t be the same without her.

With the series finale ending with “Fever“—plenty of questions arise. Will the focus continue with the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic? What about everything with Chip? Will he be asymptotic, or will his symptoms start later? Will Bradley finally learn what Cory did by outing her? Where does the show go from here, and will these characters finally take accountability for their actions? Time will only tell, and we’re eager to find out.

Additionally, considering the second season is a significant improvement from the first, we’re hoping the trend continues by making season three even better and more inclusive in storytelling. We’re hoping the marginalized characters actually get the opportunities to have their stories brought front and center. The series introduces plenty of arcs without following up as diligently and that’s the one thing that needs to change in Season 3.

With The Morning Show renewed for Season 3, what are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. I hope that alex and chip can be more separated, in the second season they showed to have a toxic relationship, I do not understand why some want to see them together romantically and also that their relationship is defined because I do not think that the previous showrunner had any idea of what do with them.

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