Music Monday: ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ (Original Score) by Michael Giacchino

cover for Spider-Man: No Way Home Original Score
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Spider-Man: No Way Home is probably my favorite film of 2021 and my top three in the MCU, but the Spider-Man: No Way Home original score might just be my favorite of all the scores. And it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most emotional compilations considering Up’s Michael Giacchino is responsible for the brilliance behind it.


There’s not a single track on the album that isn’t utterly compelling, but the slower numbers are my personal favorites—the ones I can’t get enough of. The ones that make me feel every ounce of the harrowing emotions all over again. Typically, I have one or two favorites with scores from MCU films, but with the Spider-Man: No Way Home original score, it’s the entirety of the album. It’s every track that beautifully compliments the scene in a way that makes it 10x more riveting and captivating.

Some clear standouts are “Forget Me Knots,” “Gone in a Flash,” “All Spell Breaks Loose,” “Liberty Parlance,” “Spider Baiting,” “Octo Gone,” “Being a Spider Bites,” “Exit Through the Lobby,” “A Doom With a View,” and “Peter Parker Picked a Perilous Precarious Profession.” (I might as well list the entirety of the album if we’re being frank because a different track is consistently destroying me depending on the day.)

Michael Giacchino deserves another Academy Award for this album, and with some solid contenders this year, I’m still hoping this has the chance it deserves. As one of the most emotionally heightened and nostalgic films of the last decade, the original score encapsulates every ounce of the sentiments many of us struggle to put into words. It brings to the surface decades of awakenings and beautiful memories through the kind of tracks that are treasures in every way.

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Listen to the Spider-Man: No Way Home original score below and let us know which tracks are your favorite.


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