‘Hawkeye’ Season Finale Embraces the Heart of Christmas

Hawkeye Season Finale “This is Christmas?” Spoilers Ahead

Kate Bishop in Hawkeye's Season Finale "This is Christmas?"
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Hawkeye in its entirety is the an exceptional kind of Christmas series, and those are bold words I never in a million years expected to say. But it’s the truth, and the season finale, “This Is Christmas?” proves that. Where the entirety of the series kept a haunting shadow looming over Clint Barton‘s head, the final episode leaves viewers with the pleasant surprise that Christmas promises are, in fact, kept. 

In more ways than one, Hawkeye’s season finale cements the fact that this is Kate Bishop‘s show, and it does so by passing the torch through an effortlessly subtle manner. Clint didn’t need to say the words for us to understand that he’s confident in what’s left behind through Kate, but he does by acknowledging the importance of their partnership and the detail that she makes him better.

In the same way that Natasha Romanoff made him better, that’s the case with Kate’s presence in his life too. At his core, Clint Barton has always been a family man, and Hawkeye authenticates that fact beautifully when it chooses to be a reminder of what they’ve all lost. It decides to frame the heart of the episode around families, and in doing so, it becomes the kind of Christmas episode that’ll be easy to turn to for comfort in the future. The future might be unclear, but for now, it’s heartwarming regardless.

Still from Disney's Hawkeye season finale
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Hawkeye’s season finale makes it clear that more than anything, the Barton house is a place that’ll continue to welcome those in need of aa home. And that’s what it does not only through Kate but what I hope it could possibly do for Yelena someday, who’s finally given the closure to know just how much her sister cared for her.

One final battle gives her the closure to know that though she is temporarily alone in this world, everything that Natasha ever did was to ensure she’s given a chance for a better life. And Florence Pugh’s performance in the culminating battle was exceptional, to say the least. Pugh’s range remains top-notch, and every emotional beat she packs into understanding her sister’s decision in that moment is deserving of praise. (As it is throughout the series if we’re being frank.)

Florence Pugh, Hailee Steinfeld, Alaqua Cox, and Jeremy Renner made this finale the Christmas gut-punch that it was by giving us the kind of performances that truly get to the root of heartache and hope. With the exception of perhaps Hawkeye, the women have a lot more in store for them where Marvel‘s phase 4 is considered, but there’s no denying after this that their stories are headed towards beautiful places. No, Kingpin cannot die that easily, Eleanor Bishop’s story isn’t over either, and there’s a lot more heartache coming in the future, but at the very least, for a moment, all is well. For a moment, the heart of Christmas shines through with a family and the choices that are going to impact more lives than those present in the episode.


For a moment, they’ll have a merry little Christmas. For a moment, they can move forward knowing that they did their best and that their troubles are behind them. This momentary happy ending also exhibits the importance of conversations in the same way that “Partners, Am I Right?” explores. It shows us what expressing gratitude looks like through Clint and Kate, and it reminds us of what it was like with Natasha and Clint by having her stories told to Yelena.

Sometimes show and tell work exquisitely together, and that’s the case with the warmth that’s an undeniable force throughout this episode.

Hawkeye season finale makes one thing brilliantly clear, and it’s the fact that no partnership can be successful without proper communication. It shows us the vitality of transparent intentions by giving us moments between all characters, revealing just how much more they would’ve gained if they had just spoken before throwing arrows. But this is fiction after all, and to get ahead, we have to make a mess first.

And messes serve as a lovely theme throughout as characters choose to embrace not only their own but each other’s as well. Partnerships aren’t perfect, and the best kind can be messy, but where there’s loyalty and compassion, they can be dealt with in a fashion that works best. In an episode that’s equal parts entertaining and jaw-dropping, it’s the heart throughout that sells it for me. The final gift exchange with Clint and Laura, all the quiet conversations, the realizations of what it all means, and how it can play out are all made better by the detail that the loyalty and love that runs deep for all of them is something that’ll make the future better.

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