‘The Expanse’ Season 6 Is Off To A Strong Start

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Having just watched solely the first episode of The Expanse Season 6, it’s undeniably clear that the series is off to a strong start. There’s a lot more happening than anyone could have predicted, but that’s a feature this show has often excelled at, its means of balancing character-driven stories with moments of intimacy and high stakes drama.

It’s the kind of start that makes you want to press play on the next episode immediately, except if you’re anything like me and utterly dreading the end of this show, you’re going to want to pace yourself. Thus, the now weekly release that Amazon Prime has adapted is a benefit we’ll understand more in the long term. This way, The Expanse stays with us a little bit longer. We get to spend ample time with these characters before the end that’s approaching too soon.

However, the best part of the series is that the mythology is so expansive, with everything that’s established, there’s still plenty of room for more exploration in the future. If the first episode of The Expanse Season 6 proves anything, it’s that though a conclusion is in sight, there are plenty of stories we could still explore.

The Expanse’s Season 6 Episode 1 raises tensions, explores close quarters, and makes it clear that there’s always been one enemy bigger than external forces and attacks—the lack of communication. And going forward, communication will heighten the most intriguing parts of this show which is how the characters will explore the places they need to work on most.

There’s also something about this episode that reminds me of the show’s Pilot, “Dulcinea.” But it’s not necessarily anything specific rather, it is more to do with the tone and uncertainties—the details that will make more sense as we move forward.

The first episode of The Expanse Season 6 will air on December 10, exclusively on Amazon Prime.


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