‘A Christmas Together With You’ Review

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Hallmark‘s A Christmas Together With You is a pleasantly surprising love story that focuses first and foremost on the reunion of lost love instead of a currently developing one. And while I’m generally not a fan of the whole high school sweethearts arc, somehow it works here.

Starring Laura Vandervoort, Henry Lennix, Niall Matter, Liza Huget, and more, A Christmas Together With You follows Megan (Vandervoort) and Frank (Lennix) into a small town to reconnect with Frank’s first love, Claire (Huget). Megan has a literal run in with Steve (Matter) and his dog where they get off on the wrong foot only for him to make up for it later when they find themselves in the same town, and she stays at his family’s cabin.

The film isn’t an instant favorite where the love story between Megan and Steve is concerned or even for Frank and Claire. Still, it deserves credit for establishing a found family beautifully. The bond between Megan and Frank is that very found family, and it’s the one that brings the waterworks.


When we learn that Megan’s father passed away, it’s easy to see that Frank is now a father figure of sorts, and the loyalty between them is lovely all throughout. A Christmas Together With You is a love story that focuses on what it means to have people looking out for you and the lengths people are willing to go to make others happy.

It’s about the magic of holding on, storytelling, and the importance of learning to trust one more time. It’s about learning to open doors even if heartbreak can follow. The moments between Frank and Claire were so precious, it was impossible not to root for them. Truly, every bit was great with the two (and the angst included).

But more than that, it was the way he was so transparent with Megan and the continuous kindness and support he showed her. Where for a moment it seems like love has failed them both, it’s clear that this very trip, regardless, has meant a lot to both of them. They’re better because of it. They’re better and stronger because of the chances they’ve taken.

The cliches in A Christmas Together With You are a little less believable, but the concept of signs does indeed work wonders. And the chemistry between all the stars establishes just the kind of warmth a film like this should. While I try to review the films I really loved and though there’s something missing with this film, I couldn’t pass up writing about it because of that very found family warmth.

It’s a comforting, beautifully sweet film that’s a must-watch at least once. Because even with the moments that seem a bit farfetched, like Steve’s dog sneaking into Megan’s car, it does a great job of tugging on the heartstrings.

You know that by the end of it, they are each in the kind of romantic relationship they deserve and surrounded by the type of family that is forever.

A Christmas Together With You is now streaming on Hallmark.

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