Hallmark’s ‘A Timeless Christmas’ is a Delightful Fantasy and Holiday Romance

Erin Cahill and Ryan Paevey in Hallmark's A Timeless Christmas

Much like Lifetime’s The Spirit of ChristmasHallmark’s A Timeless Christmas plays with the concept of time travel and shockingly gets it right. So few holiday films stay with me in the parade of endless options year-round, but when they do, they’re generally the films that feature the best tropes and nail them. The concept of time travel forces you to suspend disbelief, and that’s an easy thing to do when the leads have exquisite chemistry.

Starring Ryan Paevey, Erin Cahill, Kenny Kwon, Brandi Alexander, Zahf Paroo, and more, Hallmark’s A Timeless Christmas takes a man from 1903 straight into the future where his home is now a museum, his fiancée is in the past, and well, need I say more? There’s just something so deliciously exhilarating about a man from the past grappling with modern technology, fashion, food, and everything else while grumbling through it. A lot like in The Spirit of Christmas, Charles and Daniel need to figure out something crucial from their past only to fall in love with the present and choose it instead.  A win for us all.

Ryan Paevey and Erin Cahill in Hallmark's A Timeless Christmas

Hallmark’s A Timeless Christmas isn’t lacking in humor as Charles trying to convince everyone he’s the real deal and not an actor while museum owners think he’s just losing himself in the role makes for some peak, supremely cliché comedy. But the fact remains, the moment Megan and Charles start to hit it off, the film drives towards romance land. As he carries on his stoicism before warming up to the fact that he has indeed time traveled, their scenes together become even more enjoyable. 

Before Charles travels forward in time, his employee Rosie tells him that true love is worth waiting for. He needs to stop working and start living. And as audiences learn Megan Turner (Cahill) the museum director, is Rosie’s great, great-granddaughter. We also learn that she wrote her PhD dissertation about Charles Whitley’s disappearance. Soulmates, meant-to-be, however you want to put it—that’s the heart of this story.

Megan and Charles have always been destined for each other. Period.

As they attempt to figure out how he time traveled and what he needs to do to get back, Charles tries to blend in and Megan helps him with it. He tries pizza for the first time on a non-date (total date), and it’s glorious. For something that could have been creepy with the detail that she’s studied him for her dissertation, there’s something about Megan Turner that reminds me so much of Timeless’ Lucy Preston and the profound adoration for history—preserving it and understanding it. 

Hallmark’s A Timeless Christmas even features a “call me by my name” scene, folks, and for historical romance readers, we will know how lovely that first moment is—the one where one person, typically the man, insists that the girl calls him by his first name. The moment where it becomes even more personal. The banter, flirting, and threading it all in with the softer moments are icing on top of the deliciously romantic cake. He’s a grumpy goon who doesn’t understand sarcasm but surprisingly still enjoys banter and softens so effortlessly with her it’s a real treat to watch.

The film doesn’t miss a beat in tugging on emotional heartstrings and the tropes work so well with the concept of time travel. You believe every ounce of their romance, the concept of one step at a time, the chemistry, the detail that as a historian and inventor, they’re perfect for each other, and the film is the perfect kind of holiday escape for viewers.

There is dancing, mistletoe, tree lighting (of course), exceptional decor, and a precious scene where he watches her look at a necklace then naturally gifts it to her for Christmas. Basically, Hallmark’s A Timeless Christmas is cookie-cutter sweet in every way.

If you can’t get enough from the film, romance readers will be pleased to know that the film is an adaptation of Alexis Stanton’s novel of the same title.

Suspend disbelief, do what needs to be done, believe in time travel, but be sure to check this one out, and if you already have, come cry with us about how lovely the quiet moments between Megan and Charles are. The moments where you can just tell some invisible thread is pulling them closer and closer together. Rosie would be proud. So are we.


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