The Morning Show “Fever” Review: What Happens Next?

The Morning Show “Fever” Spoilers Ahead

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In an undeniably powerful season finale, The Morning Show “Fever” bares the dark side of the Covid-19 pandemic some people still don’t believe in. Characters are looking inward and looking forward. What could be Alex Levy’s curtain call is one of Jennifer Aniston’s most model moments as a performer. And more than anything, that’s what this episode is—a masterclass of performances to show the world precisely what Jennifer Aniston is capable of. It’s about the fact that she is and will always be one of the most notable actresses to have ever graced our television screens. In The Morning Show’s “Fever,” it’s impossible to watch Aniston and not marvel over every little detail. 

What’s next is a question Alex Levy is asking herself. And it’s a question, maybe we’re all still asking ourselves as almost two years later, and we still don’t know what’s next. We have hope today because vaccines are available now, but there are still so many questions. Will The Morning Show continue to carry on the pandemic when it returns for a third season, or will it do like most shows and pretend it’s over?

I don’t want it glossed over, and I especially don’t want it glossed over when we got to see such a vicious showcase of the fact that this isn’t “just like a cold.” But let’s also address the elephant in the room and the fact that Alex Levy is one of the lucky ones. She is a rich, incredibly privileged white woman who can have nurses come over for vitamin boosts. She’s a rich, privileged white woman in the public eye who’d get top-notch medical care if she needed it. The rest of the world isn’t as fortunate.

Does Alex Levy deserve Covid-19? No. I am the type of person that cannot utter such words about anyone, and no one deserves this virus. People don’t deserve to suffer, and people deserve the chance to grow—at least that’s my belief.

The Morning Show “Fever”—To Risk it All

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Before we resume waxing poetic about Jennifer Aniston’s incredible performances, let’s ask the same question from The Morning Show “Confirmations.” How far is too far? Where Charlie Black is concerned, an answer doesn’t seem to exist for this question. He’d risk his own life for the sake of the production and Alex Levy. And we have to ask…why? Again, is this love, or is it loyalty? Do we give these characters the benefit of the doubt for not grasping just how transmissible Covid-19 is? Or do we say damn it all—they don’t care. He doesn’t care, especially where Alex Levy is concerned—too far isn’t a concept that exists.

Is this even a healthy adoration if that’s what it comes down to? And how will the virus manifest itself onto him when it incubates? Will he be asymptomatic, or will it be worse for him than it was for Alex? It’s more terrifying to think about than I’d like to spend time with to ask, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the one moment between them where my heart skipped a beat or two because I’m garbage for vulnerable phone calls.

Staying on the phone with her, validating that he didn’t and could never cancel her—Mark Duplass matched Aniston’s vulnerability with the kind of sincerity necessary to add layers to the words he spoke. And okay, we all know she shouldn’t have gone to the memorial, but was she there longer than 15 minutes to pass the virus on to every single person in the room? That one’s a bit unlikely. At TMS, however, that’s a whole other story, and the fact that we have to wait until next season to find out what’s next for all of them is a crime. 

But again, where Chip and Alex are concerned—how far is too far? Do we ship this? I want to say yes. He is, after all, the only white man on this show I feel as though we can trust. He is the only one who understands the importance of accountability, even if he doesn’t always go about it in the right way. Alex Levy could use a man like Charlie Black, but is she right for him? Is this friendship, relationship, partnership…whatever it is a healthy one? Or is it all they’ve got? What about his fiancée, for crying out loud? No one is as loyal to Alex as Chip is. No one would stay on the phone with her all night because she was scared and worried.

Canceled or Not?

Does it even matter at this point? As we said last week for The Morning Show “Testimony,” Alex Levy is chock full of fault, but she isn’t a monster. She is trying—she’s trying hard, and she’s struggling through it at the same time with a deadly virus. But Jennifer Aniston isn’t struggling—instead, she is bringing the best of her abilities onto our screens with such achingly visceral performances that are deserving of every kind of award that exists. 

We have a performance review for Jennifer Aniston coming up at the end of the week, but we have to talk about just how breathtaking she was every minute of the episode. We have to talk about the fact that she brings so many nuances to Alex Levy, it’s hard to find a single moment to focus on.

Alex doesn’t deserve to be canceled. Not yet, at least. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. I’m willing to watch her grow after this pandemic and I’m willing to watch her become better. The way she’s treating Bradley alone is something that merits analysis. And even though we know that Alex will continue to make mistakes left and right, it’s clear that she is willing to do better. She’s trying and for now that’s enough.

Brothers and Sisters

And then there’s Reese Witherspoon. What a performance. What a star. The Morning Show knew precisely what it was doing with two exemplary performers as its lead actresses. Witherspoon broke me when Bradley finally finds Hal in the hospital, and he promises her that he wasn’t using. It was such a harrowing scene that brought to life the heartaches of caring for people but not knowing how to help. 

Bradley Jackson needs therapy, and I hope to God season three allows her that time. I also desperately hope that this time, Hal does go to rehab because the two siblings care for each other, and they deserve to be in each other’s lives in a healthy way. They both deserve freedom from what their parents have done to do them, and they deserve to live their own lives, apart from each other too. A healthy balance, a solid understanding could do wonders.

I also appreciate the show leaving Laura Peterson’s position open for Julia Margulies to return. I don’t think I’ve ever rolled my eyes harder on this show than I did the moment Cory confesses he’s in love with Bradley. So…you love her, that’s your excuse for stealing her agency and outing her? Naw, boo. Step aside. We’ll be here patiently waiting for Laura’s return, but even if that doesn’t happen, Cory Ellison has eons of groveling to do be worthy of Bradley.

The Morning Show’s “Fever” is an astonishing season finale that organically leaves so much on the table because even the moments I disliked evoked just the kind of thrill a drama finale should. Nothing felt misplaced, but instead, it felt earned. The second we saw they were going to address the pandemic, it was inevitable that one of the main characters would get it. It’s a raw, emotionally driven, and gut-wrenching finale with terrific performances all around while it asks the kind of questions that leave viewers wanting to come back for another season. TMS is in for tremendous changes, and I, for one, cannot wait.

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