Character Deep Dive: Wyatt Logan

Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan in NBC's Timeless
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Portrayed by: Matt Lanter
Show: NBC’s Timeless

Wyatt Logan—the soldier. Timeless was an incredibly special show for the intricate characters it brought onto our screens and managed to make them inevitably memorable all throughout.

Though short lived, within the limited amount of time we got to know these characters, we saw their hearts reflected in ways that are often revealed during later seasons. And because of that reason, we could be certain of the fact that they’re without a doubt inimitable for many fans of the series.

When we were first introduced to Wyatt Logan, I didn’t think we’d see the heartaches in him until much later, but Timeless’ choice to reveal so much and so quickly easily made him a figure who’s deserving of appreciation. And the best part is, while we were told so much about his past, the time travel allowed us to actually see how jaded he was, which would play a vast role in the growth he’d experience later on.

Wyatt Logan wasn’t just one of the team’s leaders, but rather a man who’s seen too much and still managed to give his all to those and the missions that mattered. He understood the detail that so long as you figure out what you’re fighting for, you keep going to completion. You do everything in your power to honor the crux behind your motives.

Wyatt Logan, The Soldier

Often, men like Wyatt Logan begin to show their emotions a bit later by slowly opening up for the world to see, but Wyatt’s story was interwoven intimately through the plot. Imperfect and deeply flawed in more ways than one, but the sole fact that he was a man who evidently learned from his mistakes showcased just how much he cared about the greater good. It’s what always stood out best with him.

He cared about rising up to the image that was set for him because he believed in the fact that virtue came from atonement. While he blamed himself for Jessica’s death, we can understand that as a man who’s once allowed pride to get the best of him, in present day, he knew better than to walk away from fights. He knew better than to allow his rage to engulf his entire being.

And although he learned the lesson in the most tragic way, it was beautiful to watch the change in his interactions with the Time Team—no matter how angry Wyatt got, he never turned his back on the mission. He never turned his back on his team, but interestingly enough, it’s not the detail that he gets it right in the present, but rather the battle with control is incredibly fascinating to witness, for it makes him that much more realistic and relatable.

Wyatt Logan was a soldier, and soldiers must do everything in their power to set examples, and while he was certainly not perfect in the matter, diligently trying was more than enough to showcase that he deserved the title.

Because when Jessica suddenly (and unsurprisingly) returned in “Hollywoodland,” his steadfast loyalty is the reason why he was so adamant to believe her even while clear signs pointed to something being amiss. It’s what he later admitted to Lucy and apologized to Rufus for. Wyatt never wanted to be selfish, but his loyalty is so intrinsically tied to duty, that he always believed he needed to stand by something even while he wanted to choose something else. Or in this case, someone else.

The Heart, The Sincerity

On top of being a chosen soldier, Wyatt Logan has always been remarkably sincere—though they’d only known one another for a short period of time, Wyatt cared about his team tremendously, and beyond that, he believed in them in ways no one else had before.

Whatever situation they found themselves in, he believed with an innate fervency that his team was so much more than they themselves believed. He believed in the fact that their greatness was yet to be discovered, and he never once shied away from helping them find the strength within to conquer whatever was in their path.

There are a number of things that make a man a soldier, but it’s not about how he treats those above or equal to him, but rather the detail that he doesn’t view people as anything other than incredible. Wyatt never cared about the fact that his team wasn’t trained in combat, but rather, he believed in the fact that they’re capable of pulling through with whatever was in front of them. And if he needed them, the belief in their aptitudes often helped them find the strength to carry on with the task at front. (An example, trusting Rufus Carlin to care for the bullet wound. It worked.)

We’ve seen a number of moments that have authenticated just how sincere Wyatt’s heart was, but the clearest display of that fact was present through the grief he experienced when Jessica’s “killer’s” father was accidentally killed from a fall in “Karma Chameleon.” Wyatt knew that though they’ve saved people from horrific deaths, this man didn’t deserve to die just because his offspring turned out to be a murderer, and it’s that kind of selfless empathy towards humans that allowed us to see why he became a soldier in the first place. Wyatt Logan cared about human lives.

To reiterate the fact that Wyatt’s sincerity, vulnerabilities, and tenacity are his strengths, let’s take it back to my episode review of “The World’s Columbian Explosion” where we not only discuss Matt Lanter’s performance, but Wyatt’s crucial role in the series.

At a moment where a team member is being held captive, there’s always a character whose head space is tormented with the paralyzing fears of what if. And in “The World’s Columbian Exposition,” Matt Lanter proves he’s the right actor for the role baring raw vulnerability in the form of a soldier struggling to appear collected. Wyatt’s agony over Lucy’s whereabouts vocalized the magnitude of depth which he cares for this team (and Lucy especially). […] In that moment Lanter carries the team as a leader perfectly, but I’ve found myself most in awe of the childlike comfort that’s exhibited when they’re all together. He’s the soldier, but without them, this job loses its depth.”

Wyatt Logan is better and stronger, the best version of himself because of his team. When you fight to ensure the safety and happiness of other people, the level of heart that’s showcased is unparalleled. It’s also vital to appreciate the fact that Wyatt understands the importance of teamwork—he isn’t hotheaded enough to believe that one man can carry the whole world on his shoulders.

Though he often charges into situations with guns blazing and a somewhat skewed agenda, when he’s at ease, he returns to the state of taking on matters with a more meticulous approach. In Wyatt Logan, we’ve seen a man who’s so unbelievably broken, only giving and receiving love could save him. And slowly understanding that love is what matters in life brought out the best in him.

He’s compassionate sure, it’s in his blood, but the love that’s grown for his team and the missions has made him stronger — less broken and certainly happier. It’s always the ones who’ve seen the toughest battles that are the kindest, most loving souls, and Wyatt Logan is proof of that maxim—a man who never in a million years would allow his loved ones to experience the kind of pain and loneliness he lived with every single day in spite of his rage.

A man who’s learned from the tragedies in his past.

In this first season alone, Wyatt’s learned a great deal about himself and the world around him. He’s learned to open his heart to the possibility of finding love again. He’s learned to believe that maybe, just maybe, fate, God, or the force could be behind the things that occur, and he’s learned that he has people to lean on.

A man who’s clearly concealed a myriad of his emotions has finally found a place where he could be vulnerable if need be. He’s found that for the first time, though he’s the soldier meant to fight, he has a team who are willing to fight just as hard for him and with him.

Additionally, the adoration and respect he’s received from his team have inspired him to believe in the vastness of life’s gifts—the possibilities and the strengths. Now, more than ever, Wyatt Logan understands just how cautious a man must be of the choices he makes in life, and though difficult at times, from what we’ve seen on Timeless, Wyatt Logan has ceaselessly chosen the honorable road even when he must pass through prodigiously emotional storms.

He would have done anything to bring Rufus back, including sacrificing the one woman who he believed was once his constant. He would give the world for Lucy. And the detail that he was willing to forgive Flynn said plenty.

Wyatt Logan had a lot of love in his heart and a lot of damage done to his soul, but in the end, he fought the good fight through and through. He did everything in his power to ensure that those around him were loved and appreciated. He did everything in his power to continue believing in those he cared for. And while we didn’t get to see it in detail, we knew he turned out to be an amazing husband and father too.

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