Chicago Fire “Two Hundred” Review: A Captain’s Choice, A Family’s Hope

Chicago Fire “Two Hundred” Spoilers Ahead

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Two Hundred" Episode 1005 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett, Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey --
(Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC)

The anchors have indeed fallen away from the boat, but hope is still very much alive. When I swore I’d never watch another drama on network television and within the One Chicago universe especially, Chicago Fire pulled me right back in with its strong foundation that’s rooted in hope. And somehow, the show’s managed to continue keeping that message alive even when it equates to a bittersweet (hopefully temporary) parting.

Chicago Fire “Two Hundred” marks the series’ 200th episode, and Captain Matt Casey’s choice to move away in order to improve the lives of the Darden kids. After their visit in “Counting Your Breaths” and Casey’s visit to Oregon following, the tough decision needed to be made by knowing how to protect them and how to honor so much of what Andy Darden meant and represented.

It’s an understandable choice and though an incredibly sad one, it’s not heavy.

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Two Hundred" Episode 1005 -- Pictured: Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey --
(Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

I’ve watched many beloved characters exit a series, and I’ve been left with that gut-wrenching pit inside of your stomach where you just can’t possibly imagine how it’ll ever be the same again, but that’s not the case with what we watched in Chicago Fire. Somehow, hope is still very much alive.

There’s an end date in sight. Matt Casey’s kindness, generosity, and passion are and will forever be a part of Firehouse 51 even in his absence. It doesn’t feel like the end as much as it feels like the kind of pause that could advance character development and the plot as well. I thought I’d hate it. I thought I’d be angry, but somehow it worked beautifully in the episode.

Chicago Fire “Two Hundred” marked a captain’s choice, but a family’s hope—to have Chloe and Joe welcome their baby in the same episode with the whole team (mimus sorely missed Stella Kidd) at the hospital was the very showcase of this series’ heart, and why it’s got such an understandable pull on the audience. The detail that Casey got to see this, and that he was in the room when it was announced the baby’s name would be Brian Leon Cruz aka Otis was beautifully poetic in more ways than one.

Firehouse 51 is about a family—it’s about a group of people who care about the lives they save, and it’s about the immensity in which they love one another. And through each of their scenes in the 200th episode, you felt every ounce of that adoration for one other. It’s there, it’s strong, it’s the forever kind.

It’s going to take some time getting used to the station without Matt Casey, but it’s going to be okay. And the thing is, I’m a “shipper.” I appreciate a romantic arc in almost every show I watch—so to watch Matt and Sylvie finally get together only to then learn that they won’t be in the same state is, in short, sucky. There’s no better or more eloquent way of putting it—it sucks.

But I was floored with the way Casey’s choice was handled and I was floored with the detail that the series allowed a woman to make the kind of choice that’d benefit her without losing love. After everything she’s started, after the decisions she’s made in the past, Sylvie Brett wasn’t going to drop everything for a man no matter how much she loves him. I would’ve hated that for her because a woman shouldn’t have choose, and thankfully she didn’t have to because Chicago Fire “Two Hundred” made it clear that this isn’t the end. There is an end date in sight, but it’s for the distance, not their relationship.

Matt Casey has been able to make such hard decisions because Sylvie Brett has believed in him. They’ve made each other better and stronger, and somehow, though they’ll be separated—in the long run, it could be healthier for them too. If their relationship survives the test of distance, then there’s nothing they can’t overcome in the future. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but there was so much hope in their goodbye, and simultaneously—a surprising amount of joy in the confidence they both have in each other.

I’m fairly (very) new here—my hope and trust might be misplaced. I can’t imagine what it must be like for those of you who’ve been with Matt Casey since day one, for 10-years now. But because of the light in those moments, because of the deep, evocative love that runs through this firehouse and the heart behind this show, I’m choosing to hope that’s going to be okay. It’ll all work out in the end because a love this strong, a love this moving doesn’t stop being beautiful.

And that goes for everyone who’s left. This firehouse is different—they’re actually friends. After some shows end, you just know that keeping in touch won’t happen, the friendships will be but a temporary beauty in their lives, but with Chicago Fire, that’s not the case—they’re a family. Near or far, the love is permanent.

This goes without saying, but I don’t think any of us can imagine a Stellaride wedding without Matt Casey standing as Kelly Severide’s best. It’s gotta happen. There’s no way it wouldn’t.

What are your thoughts on Chicago Fire’s “Two Hundred?”


  1. I’ll take comfort in knowing that this episode left it open for possibilities to happen in the future including Jesse returning or appearing in one or 2 episodes (I’ll take whichever way is good for him and us!). While it does suck for us shipper fans that we won’t get to see Casey & Brett as a couple but I’m glad the show is mindful of their storyline (and hopefully fans) and taking this direction with this couple (long distance). As you said the end date is for the distance between them as opposed to the relationship.

    It may take me awhile to bring myself to rewatching this episode and getting used to not seeing Jesse on the show. I’m still here for this show and its incredible cast. We can be hopeful together!

  2. I started watching Chicago Fire season 3 episode 1 when Kara came on as Sylvie. She is the reason I tuned in over the years. At the time I became a fan of Matt Casey. I watched House so I knew who Jesse Spencer was. Like the rest of CF fans I am sad that we won’t see Jesse as Matt on our screens every week but I understand & stand behind Jesse. He deserves a break. If and when the time is right I hope that we will see Jesse back as Matt Casey in Chicago Fire. Back a firehouse 51 with his family & back with Sylvie. If anyone can make a long distance relationship work Matt & Sylvie can. There are a lot of couples that make a long distance relationship work. This thought just came to mind but think of our military men & women who have long distance relationships. They don’t get to talk to or see their loved ones as much as Matt & Sylvie can through phone calls, FaceTime, & visits. It sucks that we won’t get to see Brettsey relationship play out like we wanted to right now. But I believe we will eventually see it play out on screens. If Jesse decides to return to the show full time in the next couple of years then I hope Casey will be able to bring the boys back to Chicago with him. I still think those boys should be back in Chicago with the rest of the firehouse 51 family to help take care of them. I’ve been going back and forth if I should take a little break or continue to watch. I will continue to watch because I want there to be a Chicago Fire for Jesse to come back to if & when he decides to come back.

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