‘Sanditon’ Season 2 Sneak Peek and Premiere Date

production still from Sanditon season 2
Source PBS

Masterpiece PBS has just released Sanditon season 2 sneak peek photos and announced the premiere day. The new season will return Sunday, March 20, 2022.

According to the announcement on Masterpiece PBS there will be “new storylines, new characters, returning faces (both good and devious).” As we remember from the moment the series was renewed, Sidney Parker would no longer be returning. There’s a lot to say about what could make this series improve, and for starters, we’re hoping for more inclusive storytelling.

Georgiana Lambe’s character deserves a better arc, better attention, and the writers room needs men and women of color. We aren’t sure if this is something that has changed with the new production but we’re hoping so. The character deserves better and her arc is one we’ve always cared for.

Sanditon is a series with a lot of potential and treating its characters properly was severely lacking in the first season.

Sanditon season 2 sneak peek also reveals that Charlotte’s sister, Alison will now be accompanying her to the sea side resort. Will there be love for her in the series too? Here’s to hoping. All three of the young women, Georgiana, Charlotte, and Alison are deserving of their Jane Austen-esque happy endings.

The new season will pick up 9 months after we left Charlotte Heywood heartbroken in a carriage and the town of Sanditon has grown in popularity. It appears as though the series is certainly trying to make matters right, and we’re hoping that’s the case. After the success of Bridgerton, the world has shown that they are in dire need of happy endings (and if you’ll remember, the Sanditon ending is something we heavily objected to here). It wasn’t right in honoring Austen’s legacy and it wasn’t right to have been toyed with through commonly known tropes that often lead to the end of an epic romance.

That said, here’s to hoping Sanditon makes us all much happier in the upcoming season than it did during its first. Check out the Sanditon season 2 sneak peeks here and share your thoughts and theories with us.


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