Amazon Releases Teaser and Premiere Day for ‘The Expanse’ Season 6

Screenshot for The Expanse season 6 releasing December 10, 2021.
Source: Prime Video | Screenshot

The Expanse season 6 is right around the corner. No one look at me while I weep for days on end because I thought we had more time to say goodbye to The Expanse.The sixth and final season of Amazon’s highly sci-fi drama premieres December 10. The season will have six episodes instead of 10, airing weekly.

If the trailer promises anything it’s that carrying on with the events of season five, and particularly the aftermath of Nemesis Game will be its primary focus. And Avasarala’s voice over: “We’re broken. Trying desperately to keep ourselves going by pretending we’re not,” is definitely, 100% going to haunt me until the premiere.

For the most part, I loved season five of The Expanse and I appreciated where the show took fan favorite characters on their own journeys toward growth. Thus, my one true (and really only) wish for season six is to keep them together during this final battle.

I also need Jim and Naomi to have a single, uninterrupted moment of bliss before everything blows up. The two of them haven’t had a single moment to themselves that wasn’t marred by something dark looming over them since season four. And maybe even, season three.

I know how the books end, but I don’t know how closely the show plans to mirror the ending, and thus, I’ll just put it in the universe that I need the core characters to make it through to the very end.

Whatever happens, I need to know that they’re going to be okay in the end.

Check out the trailer for The Expanse season 6 below and geek out with us in the comments below. What do you want to see from the show’s final season? Are you ready for it?

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