Music Monday: ‘Over the Garden Wall’ (Original Television Soundtrack) by The Blasting Company

Key art for Over the Garden Wall's original soundtrack by The Blasting Company
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There are songs for every season and holiday that can transport you to a certain time. Once autumn comes around, it is time to break out the Over the Garden Wall soundtrack and listen. I am immediately immersed into fall and the unknown. If I listen to this album outside of the fall, I again am transported to pumpkin fields and sweater weather.

This animated show is a feast for the eyes and ears. The Blasting Company outdoes themselves with Over the Garden Wall. From fun lyrical tunes that each reference different time periods to epic score, this album is an all encompassing fall mood while highlighting the quirky-spooky-fun ride that is Over the Garden Wall.

“Prelude” is a short but sweet song that immediately pulls viewers into the story. Every time I hear it, I see the opening and want to grab a cup of toffee apple tea.

“Into the Unknown” (feat. Jack Jones)- no, not the song from Frozen 2 that I also love- has a melancholy air to it that hints to the changing of seasons and to the adventure Wirt and Greg go on.

“Tiny Star” (feat. Eddika Organista) is a fun song and the most modern of all the pieces, yet still has a timeless air to it. It fits the backdrop of a high school party perfectly with its use of synths giving it an 80s feel while still contemporary.

The climax of the story scored with “Come Wayward Souls” (feat. Samuel Ramey) sets the stage for the drama to unfold. “Patatus Et Molassus” (feat. Audio Clayton) is an emotional call back to the earlier scene when Greg sings about potatoes and molasses. This version underscores the emotions the brothers and the Woodsman feel and bring the story to its conclusion.

This soundtrack is an eclectic collection that is a perfect companion to this journey down the rabbit hole, or should I say, into the unknown.

Over the Garden Wall is currently streaming on Hulu!

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