Our Favorite Shows to Watch for Autumn Vibes

In need of all the autumn vibes? So are we. We’ve got you covered with some of our favorite shows to watch during this time of year. It’s all about the mood, isn’t it? Changing leaves, crisper mornings, and everything in between that makes something about autumn the best time of year.

A variety of warm and spooky and a sprinkle of fantasy too.

Stranger Things

Screenshot from Stranger Things season two showcasing autumn vibes through the trees. Available exclusively on Netflix.
Source: Netflix

Stranger Thingsfirst season has late autumn vibes, but its second season is especially sublime when it comes to this time of year. There’s a Halloween episode and some of the best wardrobe is featured in this season too. But it’s not just about the aesthetic, Stranger Things is revered for a number of reasons, and where friendships are concerned, nothing compares to the impeccable closeness the series has established through the character journeys.

If you’re a chicken like me and generally can’t handle horror, I promise, Stranger Things isn’t as scary (just watch it during the day and with someone if need be) or you’ll know when to look away. It’s more gross than scary. Because in every way that matters, the series is a treasure that’s deserving of acclaim.

Parks and Recreation

Screenshot from Parks and Recreation's season three episode one, showcasing autumn vibes with Harvesst Festival poster
Source: NBC

It’s always a good time to watch Parks and Recreation because sticking with these characters and the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana is never not an ideal situation. The harvest festivals, the retreats, the gift giving, the friendships—Parks and Recreation has it all and it’s always had it all. Starting any season with these characters in a first time watch or a rewatch is going to end in joy. In need of a specific episode for now? Season three, episode seven: “Harvest Festival.” A personal favorite of mine for a number of reasons.

Good Omens

Screenshot from Amazon Prime's Good Omens
Source: Prime VIdeo

Something about Neil Gaiman screams September/October autumn vibes to me. Maybe it’s because I studied so much of his work back in school that the timing is immediately associated with that, but with Good Omens especially, there’s something delightfully autumnal about it even where there are multiple locations and timeframes that don’t necessarily scream in our faces. I don’t know what it is, but it works for me, and it might just work for you too.

Gilmore Girls

Screenshot of Stars Hollow with autumn decor to showcase autumn vibes.
Source: The Guardian

Gilmore Girls screams autumn vibes even though, much like Parks and Recreation it takes place throughout the entire year. The festivals, the trees around Stars Hollow, the outfits and the concept of coffee at Luke’s Diner? Yes please, now and forever. It’s never a wrong time to rewatch or to start watching, but it’s especially the best time when it’s September or October. In need of only specific episodes to watch, well ScreenRant has you covered with a list here.

A Discovery of Witches

Screenshot of Matthew and Diana from Sky One's A Discovery of Witches showcasing autumn vibes
Source: Sky One

Thus far, though Shadow of Night (book two) is my favorite in the All Souls trilogy, season one of A Discovery of Witches is my favorite TV season. There is something so wonderfully cozy about the Oxford campus that’s glistening with all the autumn vibes. With both Matthew and Diana returning to campus, the Bodleian library, and the cafes nearby, the season brilliantly paints the start of their relationship in a cozy, aesthetically pleasing manner. Plus, witches and vampires and demons? Now is always the right time to dive into this world.

Pushing Daisies

Screenshot from Pushing Daisies episode "Girth".
Source: ABC

Okay so technically, Pushing Daisies is a spring show—there’s a plethora of stunning greens and a lot is blooming, but this show gives me all the autumn vibes and I couldn’t describe it if I tried. Maybe it’s the whole bringing back the dead concept? Maybe it’s the number of colorful costumes present all throughout. Point being, Pushing Daisies belongs on this list. It just does. But if you want specifics, season one, episode five: “Girth” is a Halloween special.

Only Murders in the Building

Screenshot of Hulu's Only Murders in the Building showcasing autumn through the title card.
Source: Hulu

Only Murders in the Building is the latest buzz right now. It takes place in New York during fall and the opening theme alone is visually an autumnal dreamscape. The costumes, the oddly cozy essence about unlikely group of strangers starting a murder mystery podcast together is just right for this time of year. And basically, apologize to your bank accounts because you’ll probably want every single coat that Mabel wears.

Sex Education

Screenshot of Otis and Jean Milburn's house from Sex Education with autumn trees all around.
Source: Netflix | Via: Insider

Sure, no one wants to go back to high school, but Sex Education’s Moordale Secondary is not like any other school, and the series always starting in the fall as the academic year begins makes it perfect for this time of year. If you have yet to start, the series is full of exemplary characters and stories that are brilliantly inclusive and heartwarming on all fronts.

Shadow and Bone

Source: NETFLIX © 2021

Shadow and Bone doesn’t necessarily have all the autumn vibes, but it’s got just enough with the rain and the trees and the costumes. Sure, you could watch it whenever (and I’d highly encourage that considering I do), but where this world of small sciences is considered, something about it can be examined through this lens of new beginnings. It is after all that, a beginning, and the ambiance throughout the season is just exquisite.

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