‘Only Murders in the Building’ is the True Crime Podcast Parody We Didn’t Know We Needed

Only Murders in the Building on Hulu key art
Source: Hulu

Crip mornings, leaves changing, cozier outfits, and a murder mystery? Need I say more? Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building has all the autumn vibes, and the opening credits alone should be enough to convince you. Oh yeah, and it’s also the true crime podcast parody breakdown we didn’t know we needed.

No but seriously, there is just something about watching mysteries in the fall that hits right. And okay, I hear you, it technically isn’t fall until September 22, but in this house, it’s fall starting September 1. It might not feel like it with most of us still living in warmer climates, but I’m embracing it all. I’m trying, rather desperately even, to make fall happen. And the show is the perfect kind of new dramedy I didn’t know I needed.

Starring Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez, Only Murders in the Building follows three neighbors living in a luxurious apartment on the Upper West Side of New York who decide to start a true crime podcast in order to solve a murder they witnessed. And as the title preludes, murders—well, we can guess where it’s going.

Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez, in a still from Only Murders in the Building now exclusively on Hulu.
Source: Hulu

If Annie and Clue had a strange, accidental baby, it’d be Only Murders in the Building. The new series is a ridiculous kind of true crime parody, and the aesthetics alone should be enough to do the trick if the story didn’t initially sound intriguing. An unlikely trio is one thing, a group complex individuals like this is another. Gomez is thus far holding her own brilliantly amongst Martin and Short, but more than that, her character is already showing us a lot of depth that’s selling this world. You’re also going to want every single outfit she wears on the show, especially in the latest 4th episode. Tell your bank account you’re sorry in advance.

Parodies generally aren’t my cup of tea, but in the case of murder mysteries, or true crime that now seems to be everyone’s obsession, it works so well in creating something so perfectly appropriate for the start of the season. Or maybe, it’s because I’m such a chicken and can’t stomach the real stuff, interwoven with humor is the only way I roll.

Only Murders in the Building should be on everyone’s list to check out, and I have a feeling we’ll have a lot more to dissect once we’ve got more episodes.

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